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Hey im isaac im goin to invite you to the murder of osama bin laden. Osama made bad thing like destroying the twin towers and killing more than 1,000 people. His kill was made by navy SEAL. It was code-named Operation Neptune Spear.

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Osama was killed in May 2 2011. They also tried to kill him in: February 1994, August 20, 1998, and in 2000. His last atempt to kill him before this one was in december, 2001. In revenge for the destuction of the twin towers. This attempt was called the airstrikes on tora bora. They wanted to kill Osama for more than 10 years.

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People involved

People who killed osama binladen are anonimous. here are biografies of osama binladen and seal team six. Only two of the ones that killed him are alive right now.

Osama Binladen

He was born March 10 1957. He was Soudi Arabic, and he was part of the binladen family. He was bilionaire, he joined pakistan forces. He declared war against USA. He was in the top 10 fugitive list, and on the top 10 most wanted. He was a major target on the war of terror. He was shot and killed inside a residence house. He was responsible for the 9/11, and for many more things. He lost his dad at the age of 13. Also he married to a syrian girl at the age of 17. He was Islamic, and he would do anithing for his religion. He counstructed guns and machinerie for Afganistan war. They say he has a twin brother. That was his most guarded family secret. Hes name is usama. They took him out of Afganistan. Hes twin is mentally ilessed. Some say its a rumor. In theory osama was was important and hated in the same time.
The Navy seal was also very important for this.

The navy Seal

SEAL stands for sea, air, and land. They had been in many wars. In the Korean war they made three teams of 300. In the vietnam war they made secret missions to Cuba. They also hat combat with Viet cong. Another war was called Grenada. They had an invasion. In the invantion they divided in to two teams. When the cubans were going to discover them they called for reforces. They killed the cubans for nothing. They went to the iraq war. In that they sent helicopters to the second world war. They improved their swimming, running and speed. They had another war in Panama. They also made an intervation in somali. After that they had a war against osama in afganistan. They made another invasion at camp doha. They killed osama binladen. Seal team six was the most important. They are from the USA.

The kill

Osama was killed in a residental house. They also shot his brother. They left his wifes alive. They also left his kids alive. They shot his father. Many USA citizens celebrated his death.

Osama Bin Laden killed: Inside the raid
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