By Kaylyn C

What Is Depression?

Depression is when your feeling blue, sad, or down in the dumps a lot or other strong moods like sadness, despair, hopelessness that can last for weeks or months or even longer.

Signs & Symptons

  • Negative feeling or mood
  • Negative thinking
  • Low energy or low motivation
  • Not being social

How Does It Affect The Person?

The person starts thinking their a bad student, bad person, a failure, a quitter, a slacker, a loser. It also affects their emotions and mood. Depression twists the way the person thinks. Depression affects physically too. Sometimes they get body aches or pain. Depression can also make the person act differently.

How Is It Diagnosed?

Get a medical check up to check for health conditions that might be causing depression. If the doctor sees that the patient has a depressed mood, low energy, or tiredness it might mean you have depression or just in a really sad mood.

How Is It Treated?

  • Go to a therapist for help, you'll be able to talk to someone
  • Getting support & care from family and friends.

Random Facts

  • Some people get depression for no reason at all
  • Things can get bad if depression is not treated good or not treated at all
  • People with depression don't always relaize they have depression at, they just think their sad.