A Beautiful Island on the Mediterranean Sea

History of Cyprus

Cyprus was an early Phoenician and Greek colony. In 1571 a large Turkish colony settled on the island. this island was located in the Mediterranean Sea.

Cyprus Government

Cyprus has a Republic know as The Republic of Cyprus.

Climate and Geography

Cyprus has hot, dry summers and cool winters. It has mountains to the North and South and has scatted but significant plains along the southern coast.

Fun Facts

  • Cyprus was the birth-place of the Greek God Aphrodite
  • Before Euro Cyprus used Pounds as money
  • Many historical buildings of the Greeks still stand
  • London 2012 gave Cyprus its first Olympic medal: a silver in men’s laser sailing

  • Cyprus came last in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1986. Its best result was fifth.

  • The last monarch of Cyprus was Queen Catherine Cornaro, who abdicated in 1489.

  • Since 1974, Northern Cyprus has been declared a separate state under Turkish control. Turkey is the only country that recognises it.

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