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Movie Review

This new movie "Delirium" based on the book has touched millions of young adults hearts. Lena, at once wants to be cured from the love disease. She thinks everything is perfect and going well. Then all of a sudden a boy named Alex came into her life. Lena instantly falls head over heels for Alex. But how can Lena be falling in love? It was a huge consequence to fall in love as her best friend Hana would always say. Will Lena follow her heart or her mind? Watch Delirium to fund what Lena will choose.

Feature Article

Are we actually keeping peace or just killing it away our problems? This love madness is getting out hand. Love doesn't actually kill you, Love gives you a warm sensation inside. These people are cold hearted saying love is a disease! Really? Love is one the most amazing things you will ever feel in your entire life. So are you going to let some silly person tell you what to feel inside? Stand up and let's make a difference! Love shouldn't be banned, they have no right to do that. Is love really a disease or are they just keeping a big secret?
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Think your catching the love disease? (advertisment)

Do you ever get that feeling that you might be falling in love? With the new "Bye Bye Love" spray, all your problems will vanish away! The instructions are pretty clear on this product. All you got to do is spray the liquid on you and the person you are falling in love with and just like that love is no longer to exist! You think it's silly right now, but you will thank me later! Buy your own spray for only $10.99 at your local store!
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HI! My name is Carol and I am in desperate need for a babysitter for my child, Grace. She doesn't talk much and defiantly not a troublemaker. She tends to stay in her room most of the time. This is a very easy girl to take of and an easy job. I will pay $20 by the hour! If you are interested, please call 214-454-3421. Thank you.
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