Jackson is a HERO

Believe in jackson

Believe that Jackson is the president for you

Some people say that he is the worst president in the president history. But that is not true, do you know why, because Jackson was both good and bad, zero and a hero, but mostly hero. Jackson did sign the Indian removal act in 1830, but he had to take certain steps because of the way it was going on back then.

Jackson and the national bank

Jackson hated the national bank. He proved it was evil, and proved it was only for the rich people not the normal people. Once he put at least two vetoes on the National bank, the bank was destroyed for good, but with consequences from congress.

Guarantied he is the president for you

Tariffs was good

With out tariffs the country would not be as it is today. Andrew Jackson may have put tariffs on the south, but that caused the compromise of 1823. And trust me, both were happy with that idea.