WWI Flyer

By: Megan Shepler

New Technology of WWI

Three kinds of new technology that came around during the war:

-poisonous gas


-trench warfare

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Kaiser Wilhelm II

Kaiser Wilhelm II caused many riots between Germany and Britain because of the Naval Race. He always wanted Germany to have a better empire than Britain and he would do anything to accomplish his goals. He led the German army to war against France at the start of WWI.
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Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill was in charge of the British navy throughout the war, but he lost that title after the disaster at Gallipolli. He then joined the army and commanded a batallion in the Western Front. After that, he became the Minister of Munitions for the rest of the War.
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Propaganda poster

This poster tries to recruit men into the army to fight against the Central Powers.
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Trench Warfare

This picture shows the soldiers in trenches they dug fighting in the war.
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Political Cartoon

This political cartoon shows how the U.S. was being pulled in many different directions because of the Legaue of Nations.

Three Headlines that might have appeared during WWI

"The Allied Powers have won!!"

"Poisonous gas was first used in the Battle of Ypres"

"Soldiers must wear gas masks during battles!"