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Soil Erosion

Soil Conservation is very important or else!

Remember folks, we are in a drought, so make sure you limit your water usage! And to all the farmers out there, we are being threatened with a chance of another dust bowl! The drought has killed many plants that protected the soil from erosion, and if there are no plants protecting the soil then it is vulnerable to wind erosion. Wind erosion is when the wind picks up the valuable topsoil and carries it away, dust settles in the topsoil's place to replace it. You should never let that happen to your farm, so you should try to use soil conservation to your advantage. The steps to this is to use contour plowing, conservation plowing, and crop rotation. Contour plowing is to plow your fields along the side of a hill, this helps from excess rain washing away your soil. Conservation plowing is when you plow your fields but disturb your crops and soil as little as possible and to leave dead plants and weeds in the dirt to let the soil gain back its nutrients. Crop rotation is when you plant different crops after another, this is important as some plants absorb many nutrients, some absorb less, and other give nutrients!

Dust Bowl

You know how we have a drought, well were not the only ones with problems. Around the world there are many places that have droughts and dust bowls. What are dust bowls you ask? A dust bowl is like a cloud of dirt and dust. Soil is necessary to farmers because they need soil for crops to grow. Many people cant have soil for a long time because soil is blown away due to dust bowls. The soil is blown away because the wind blows off the topsoil which is necessary to grow crops because of its fertility.

It is possible of another dust bowl!

Dust Bowls can happen folks! If you farmers don't use these soil conservation methods then you can cause the dust bowl yourselves! Dust Bowls harm the entire economy and you as well.
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