Mini Miners Preschool Post

September 20, 2021

* Important Preschool Health Updates *

Thank you so much for reaching out to me with any concerns you had in regards to my email last night and children wearing masks.

(if you did not receive an email from me last night, please let Miss. Michelle know right away @ )

Earlier this morning I did receive information that one person has tested positive in preschool.

Children and staff who may have been exposed have been contacted personally. If you have not had that communication, your child has NOT been in direct contact or exposed.

In light of the illness that is going through our school we are being more diligent with any possible symptoms people may be experiencing. If your child has ANY of the following symptoms, please keep them home.

In the event a child comes down with any symptoms, we will call you to immediately pick them up.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Keep your child at home if they have any of these symptoms:

● Sore throat

● Runny nose or congestion

● Headache

● Fatigue

● Nausea, vomiting

● Diarrhea

● Muscle or body aches

● Feeling feverish, having chills or temperature of

100.4°F or greater

● Loss of taste or smell

● New or worsening cough

● Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

Totes For Hope - Free for all families

Dear Parent/Guardians,

The schools on the Fairplay campus, Preschool, ETE, SPMS and SPHS have brought back the Totes for Hope program to our students and families.

Totes of Hope® was created in 2006 and is sponsored by the Food Bank of the Rockies. According to Food Bank of the Rockies website, Totes of Hope is available to assist

children with nutritious, kid-friendly food to sustain them over the weekend when school is not in session.

Every Thursday, children take home a tote filled with 8-9 pounds of nutritious food items to feed them and their families. This is a collaborative effort between Fairplay Schools, South Park Food Bank, Boys and Girls of South Park, and our middle school service learners.

Please let us know if you would like your child/children to participate by filling out the application slip and returning it to Miss. Michelle OR email Miss. Michelle to let her know you would like to participate.

Thank you and we hope you take advantage of this great opportunity for our kids.

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A Message from Miss. Heather

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year! A season bursting with bright colors, a time of enjoying the crisp autumn air while soaking in the warm days and of course, pumpkin spice. It is a season that brings warmth and comfort when time seems more calm and quiet.

Autumn is one of our favorite times at school! Our days are filled with rich activities centered around autumn as we enjoy the bounty of this harvest season. We will be exploring pumpkins, apples, squash and a host of wonderful fruits and vegetables special to this season. It is a time of community, friendship and kindness.

It has been an absolute joy to my heart and touches my soul when I hear and see each person in our school acting towards each other out of pure kindness. As I walk down the halls, pop in the classrooms and interact with you, our wonderful families, there is a resounding air of good-natured demeanor in every interaction.

Why is this such a priority for me and my team? Because this is the core of our teaching to every child. Children soak in everything around them and the more nurturing of an environment we genuinely create, the deeper these lessons will be absorbed by all who are part of our school. These are the seeds we are planting that will soon become a harvest of kindness.

I am grateful for each person in our school! We love teaching, caring and growing alongside each other. Our satisfaction is in watching your children become more and more each day. It is a privilege to walk alongside each family to do everything we can to assist you as you navigate this essential time in your family's life.

Thank you for all you do!

Aspen Room Highlights

Miss. Roz and Miss. Ann's Classes

September started with getting to know each other.

Throwing a success ball around the circle , saying our new friends names while students practiced gently throwing and catching across the circle . Lots of fun and learning are happening as this game focuses on: eye and hand coordination, gross motor skills, memory recalling friends names, turn taking, language skills and following instructions.

To further practice social skills, we focused on reading books together and doing activities together. Playtime is a perfect time to incorporate these critical social skills.

This week we focused on learning colors. Some fun ways to achieve this learning goal is by one of our favorite activities, using ice trays to mix colors. Fill ice cube trays about half full with water. Drop a few drops of red, blue and yellow food coloring into three ice cube sections. Have children use a pipette to mix colors creating a host of other colors such as orange, green, purple, etc.

To give an example of complex learning that takes place through play, this one activity has a ton of targeted learning incorporated.

These intentional targeted learning objectives include:

  • Fine Motor: Strengthening the little muscles in their hands which is used for writing
  • Fine Motor: Mastering their pincer grasp
  • Science: Mixing primary colors in order to create new colors
  • Science: Make simple predictions based on their observations (predict outcomes when altering materials)
  • Receptive Language: Following two and three step directions (how to use a pipette to transfer colors)
  • Receptive Language: Increasing their vocabulary
  • Language Skills: learning the names of colors

Our classes also enjoyed furthering learning through play by mixing playdoh, finger painting, pretend play and so much more.

We will continue focusing on building friendships, following routines, social skills, mixing colors, painting, using stamps and other mediums to create masterpieces of art.

It is a joy and pleasure to have your children in our classes, they bring us so much joy. Remember to check Bright Wheel as we'll share some fun pictures and classroom fun.

Parents Corner

Safety and Your Preschooler

Although it is important to ensure we are building academic learning as well as social-emotional skills, safety is a huge ongoing learning piece in children's lives.

At preschool, we have a special visit from North West Fire Department planned this week. Our firefighters do a remarkable job helping children to not be scared (or so scared) of firefighters, especially when they are completely suited up in their bunker gear and breathing apparatus.

It's extremely important for kids this age to learn that firefighters, police and ambulance personnel are their friends! We talk about running TO the firefighters and police instead of hiding, which is the natural tendency of children when they are scared.

We also have a special visit from one of our local State Patrol Officers planned in October. Again, teaching that police and emergency personnel are here to help us. The kids will be able to see the officer's vehicle as well as learn about 'stranger danger', crossing the street, etc. These are some of the best visits!

I found a fantastic article about children's safety and what parents can do at home.

Here are a couple of highlights from the article...

Learning rules is important

Introducing basic rules for safety, following them yourself, and helping your children understand them is important.

A good safety rule:

  • is simple, clear and age-appropriate
  • is consistent
  • is shared. Everyone in the family knows the rule, follows it and helps others follow it too.
  • is positive. Say, “We walk when we’re at the wading pool,” rather than “No running.” If a child hears “no” more than “yes” when you set safety rules, they will be more tempted to test them. Also, it’s helpful to tell children what they should do, rather than just what they should not do.
  • is not scary. A child shouldn’t be discouraged or scared into behaving safely.

Teach your preschooler to follow these basic safety rules:

  • “Stop, look and listen” when their name is called out loud. Listening and following your instructions are important first steps. “No” means “Stop and look at me.” “Okay” means “Go.” This rule is especially important around traffic, in the playground, on outings or during water play.
  • Don’t cross the street without an adult.
  • Store poisons like candy coloured laundry pods, cleaning products and medications in a locked cabinet.
  • Prevent trips and falls by picking up toys after play and keeping the stairs and hallway floors clear of toys, clothing and shoes.
  • Keep small objects and toys (anything small enough to fit inside an empty toilet roll) away from a younger child.
  • Always wear a helmet when riding a bicycle

Your preschooler loves to learn. They will be very open to basic safety routines if they are part of a family activity: talked about, practiced and shared.

I highly recommend taking a peek at this article!

Getting To Know Our Preschool Family

Miss. Roz

I came here from England looking for adventure when I was 26. I came to Breckenridge to meet with my brother who was over here with his girlfriend .

After about a year I met a handsome man from NY (who was working in Breck) and ended up getting married in England a couple of years later. We settled in Colorado and had 2 lovely children, Alex our son and Katy our daughter.

I started working in the preschool setting at the Carriage House in Breckenridge, when my son was attending there. "You look like a warm body." the director said…and I got the job!

When we moved to Park county I applied for a job at the Preschool here in 1999! I started out when the school was on 8th street, and enjoyed the move to the present school about 10 years ago. During my time here I have worked to get my director qualifications, as well as working in several positions in just about every classroom. Full-day sessions, part-day sessions, playgroup and of course Parents as Teachers.

I have always had dogs since moving to the states. Two years ago I found Balu, my current dog, at a place called Retriever Rescue of the Rockies. During my lunch breaks I take him for walks around the neighborhood.

I LOVE anything to do with water! One of my favorite pastimes being out on lakes or rivers in my SUP or Kayak.

I have seen many changes throughout the years in my life and at the school which has always been an opportunity to grow a little more .

Upcoming Dates

September 22 - Northwest Fire Department
  • Safety

September 27-30 - Miss. Heather will be absent celebrating her son's wedding

October 12 - Edith Teter Preschool Pumpkin Patch (watch for more details later)

October 27- Preschool classroom fun for Halloween

October 28 - Homecoming Parade

  • Preschool will be involved!! More details coming soon.

October 30 - Homecoming - Please cheer on our Burros at the football game!!