Horace Mann

leader for education

Horace Mann's Life

Horace Mann was born May 4th,1796 as a kid Horace liked learning new things he was very interested in learning stuff and when he did learn about it he would look deeper into it and find more about it.In 1832 Horace married a women by the name of Mary Tyler Peabody a while after there marriage they had three sons Horace Mann Jr, Combe Mann, and Benjamin Pickman Mann.

Education Reform

In 1837 the state created the nations first board of education with Mann as its secretary. The position required more leadership than anything else and Horace Mann proved himself up to the role. Mann served in the U.S House Of Representatives from 1848 to 1853.Later in life he became the president of Antioch College. His College allowed both men and women to go to it and have a very good education. Mann gave a speech two months before his death asking students to embrace his influential worldview: "I beseech you to treasure up in your hearts these my parting words: Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity"