Tech Today

November 13, 2013

Don't Give Up!

I am SO excited about the options technology is giving us! Everyday brings about something new: new learning, new excitement, and of course new frustrations. If you have been frustrated in the past, don't give up! Someone, somewhere is experiencing the same feeling. Chances are that there is someone working right now to solve that problem/issue, or creating a way to improve life with technology integration. Below is one of those ideas.


EduCanon is in beta (meaning it is in testing mode and will continue to improve), but I see a LOT of possibilities for this in the classroom setting, especially at the high school level where students can take their iPads home. EduCanon was created by a teacher that wanted students to interact with video. It allows teachers to assign a video from YouTube and also designate stopping points within the video to add questions to check for understanding. The student has to answer the question, can rewind the video to review what was said, but cannot fast forward through any part of the video. The teacher receives stats on how students answered the questions and who did or did not complete the assignment. Take a look at the brief 3 minute video below.

You can create an account for eduCanon at

eduCanon Sept 3 Release