Violeta Parra

By: Lauren White

Who was Violetta?

Violeta Parra is welll known as one of the many famous artists of traditional chilean folk-art. She was also know for taking chilenish folk-art to the next level.
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Violeta Parra was originally born in San Carlos, Chile (In the region Nuble) on October 4th, 1917. She lived in San Carlos for two years after she was born and then moved to Santiago Chile. Nother two years went by adn her family moved to Lautaro . Finally, in 1927, they moved to Chillán. Chillán is where Violeta learned to play the guitar and sing with siblings Hilda, Eduardo, and Roberto. Soon after, she began composing her own Chilean music.


All of Violeta's family was pretty musical. Her father was a music teaher, and her mother played guitar and sang on her spare time from working on a farm. Violeta began composing her own music with her other siblings at the age of about ten. Life became worse for the family in 1929 when Parra's father passed away. The children were forced to help to keep the family going. Then, three years later, she attended Normal School, insisted by her brother, and stayed with relatives.

(First) Marraige and (First) Kids!

In 1934 Violeta met Luis Cerecida at a night club, whom she married four years later. Luis was a railroad driver and a militant comunist. Because of this, Parra became deeply involved with the progressive movement of the Communist Party of Chile. She also had two children a while after their marriage: Isabell and Angel Parra.

First Appearence

Violeta began singing songs written by famous Argentinian singers. She began making apperances in resturaunts and theatres calling herself Violeta de Mayo! In 1945, she made an appearance on a Spanish show called Casanova Convectionery with her two kids Angel and Isabell. Then in '48, when her first husband and her separated, Violet and her sister started making appearances as the "Parra sisters." They ended up recording some of their work on RCA VICTOR.

"Volver a los Diecisiete"

Violeta Parra - Volver a los Diecisiete

Here are a few of Violeta Parra's Songs...

  • Gracias a la vida
  • Run Run se fuepa'l norte
  • Volver a los diecisiete
  • La Jardinera
  • Rin del angelito
  • Arriba Quemando el sol
  • Que he sacado can quererte