The Case Against Low-fat Milk

By: Lisa Blackwell

Article Summary

The full title of this article is The Case Against Low-fat Milk is Stronger Than Ever. It was written by Alice Park and was published on April 4, 2016 on TIME magazine's website ( In this article it explains that several population studies that look at the links between the consumption of full-fat dairy products, weight, and disease risk question the advice to drink skim milk. A new study done by Dr. Dariush Mozaffarian and his colleagues that was published in a journal called Circulation has shown that people who drink full-fat milk are 46% less likely to develop diabetes. Another study published in the American Journal of Nutrition shows that women who drink full-fat milk are less likely to be obese. The article stresses that it is important to look at food as a whole instead of just decreasing fat in a diet or else people compensate for that fat loss with more carbohydrates which ends up creating more body fat. The article ends with saying that the studies have not found how exactly full-fat diary helps with diabetes risk and Dr. Mozaffarian says mores studies need to be done in order for the diet recommendations to be changed.

Article Critique

The article The Case Against Low-fat Milk is Stronger Than Ever seems to be pretty reliable. Alice Park, the author of this article, is a health and medicine writer for TIME. She is also the author of a book called The Stem Cell Hope, How Stem Cell Medicine Can Change Our Lives. The article is posted on TIME’s website, which gives it credibility since TIME is a very well-known and credited magazine. The website is updated regularly and does not cost anything so it is very accessible to the public. This article is very well written and is put together by using findings from doctors and researchers. The reader is not able to see Dr. Mozaffarian’s or the other researchers’ credentials in the article but the readers can see where the researchers who completed the study published in the American Journal of Nutrition study if they click on the link to that study. The two studies that were referenced in this article were published in the journals Circulation and the American Journal of Nutrition. The conclusions of this article are straight forward in that they say that further research is needed in order to see if the recommendation for what kind of milk people should drink should be changed. It also offers the suggestion that diets need to be look at as a whole opposed to just decreasing the amount of fat in people’s diets. This suggestion makes the article more reliable because they are not offering up a simple solution but are saying that the answer to decreasing the risk for disease is more complex than just decreasing fat. All of these factors make the article seem to be a reliable source to get information on why drinking skim milk might not be the way to go.