Weekly Highlights

Mrs. Jaeger's 5th Grade

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Parent Clearances and 5th Grade Field Trip

If you are planning on joining us for our 5th Grade Philadelphia Field Trip in the spring (most likely a Friday in May) you will need to have your clearances to join us. In years past, any parent who has wanted to chaperon has joined us on the trip - no picking from a hat - no lottery system - everyone was included. This year, you MUST have these clearances to attend and be included in the events of the day.

Please see the following message, sent today, from the Central Bucks School District Messenger about having these documents notarized:

Please consider joining us for our Home & School General Membership Meeting at Bridge Valley beginning at 7:30 PM on Thursday November 12, 2015.

A notary will be on hand from 7:00 - 7:45 PM to notarize volunteer affidavit forms compliments of TD Bank. If you have not completed the process of becoming a certified volunteer, consider taking advantage of this opportunity.

Clearances Notarized at Home and School Meeting

Thursday, Nov. 12th, 7-7:45pm

2280 Sugar Bottom Road

Furlong, PA

Thanksgiving 'Getaway'?

If you are planning a Thanksgiving getaway or are leaving for family travel while school is still in session, please consider sending me an e-mail so that I can plan accordingly for the days leading up to Thanksgiving break. Please also let me know if you would like any missed work sent on your trip with you or if you would prefer it when you return. Thank you!

Realistic Fiction Novel Study

We have launched our Realistic Fiction novel study today and started with a 'meet the book' activity. Students generated predictions and questions about their novel based only on the title and then the cover. With this novel study, students will dig deep into the text to make inferences about a character's traits, identify how their challenges evoke responses, and how the author presents clues through a character's actions, dialogue, and inner thoughts to help us understand their internal struggles.

I will be modeling my thinking and each assignment for students through the shared text, Because of Winn Dixie. After I model it for the class, students will have opportunities to either discuss the focus question with their team or to apply the skill with their own novel.

Start your conversations at home by asking...
What book are you reading?
Who is the main character?
Tell me about their personality.
Are you enjoying the story of Winn Dixie and Opal?


In class on Tuesday, students learned about subordinate conjunctions through the acronym, AAAWWUBIS. The format of our grammar sessions are to first look at 'mentor sentences' and make observations. Following the discussion I share with students the focus for the day's lesson and usually, the class has identified what they will be learning about through their "noticings". After the instruction, students look for examples of the grammar component in their independent reading books. And finally, students either look into their drafts for examples of the lesson topic and make revisions, or they create sample sentences of their own. See below for a screen shot of our AAAWWUBIS lesson from Tuesday.


This week students will explore; weather instruments used to predict weather, the components of weather (land, water, sun, air), and observe an experiment showing how the sun heats the Earth's surface unevenly.

Next week students will explore; the big idea that warm air rises, that air has pressure, and how wind contributes to weather via the 'wind cycle'.

The unit assessment will be on Friday, November 20th. If your child will not be in school that day, they can choose to take the assessment before they leave or right after Thanksgiving break.

Students will practice their note-taking skills by jotting down information from the lesson (directed by me), illustrating experiments, and drawing conclusions based on their observations.