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12 Days of Holidays

Holiday Events

The holiday season has arrived! No matter how you spend it, the holidays are a nice break from the struggles of school. I know it may be very difficult to fight the boredom this Christmas break, but there are tons of fun things to do,! Whether it's catching up on sleep, driving around town, or going caroling. These Holiday activities will turn your break into a happy holiday!

Gaylord Ice: When people think of the word "ice", most probably think "cold, freezing, and yay, no school", but the Gaylord takes ice to the next level! Hand crafted Ice sculptures, in "Frosty the Snowman" theme, will have you shivering with excitement! Experience the fantastic sculptures, going down solid ice slides, and taking amazing pictures with your friends and family! Hurry and get your tickets for "Ice" today because they do sell out fast! Also, be sure to dress accordingly, as you will be in a 9 degrees Fahrenheit room!

The North Pole Express: Hop aboard the Polar Express! Yes, there is a train themed around the hit holiday movie "The Polar Express". You come in your coziest pajamas and treat yourself to a steaming cup of hot chocolate. Just like the movie, you receive a bell and at the end of the journey, you can meet Santa! So grab your ticket and hurry to catch this fun holiday ride. This ride is featured at Grapevine Vintage railroad until December 23rd.

Gift of Lights- Going around town and looking at Holiday lights is a must! But Texas Motor Speedway takes lights to a whole new level. With over 2 million LED lights, this holiday light display becomes one of the best in the state. So light up the holidays and drive on over to the Texas Motor Speedway! Open until January 1st.

Stay Sharp Over Winter Break

I know we're all excited for winter break but we don't want to come back to school with nothing in our heads, but what you did on vacation! It's very important to continue to study over the break so you're still on the ball when you get back. We're not saying spend hours a day studying, but make sure to refresh your brain every day, if only for a few minutes per subject. If you have problems doing this then here's a few tips to help out.

  • Don't procrastinate - Once you start you can't stop. Study in the morning when you get up before starting your day.
  • Keep away from distractions - If you can't keep from being distracted, find a quiet spot to help you focus. For example, if you can't stop looking at your phone, put it away or on silent for a little while.
  • Don't make it a chore - It's just a few minutes of studying, don't make it harder than it has to be.

Studying a little bit can make sure that your brain stays acclimated to a school environment so it's not confusing when you get back.