Presidential Pamphlet

By: Jessica Weideman and Rebecca Landro

Constitutional Requirements

- 35 years or older

-Natural born citizen

-Resident of the united states for 14 years

Salary and Benefits

Salary of the president is 400,000.


- 50,000 expense allowance

-full time medical team

10 Constitutional Powers


-Be commander in Chief of the Army and Navy when called into services

-Require the opinion of the principal officer in each executive department

-Have power to grand reprieves and pardons

-Take care that the laws be faithfully executed

- Make treaties

-Nominate and appoint ambassadors, judges of the supreme court and all other officers of the united states.


-Receive ambassadors and other public ministers

-Give to congress information of the state of the union

Judicial legislative

- Fill up vacancies during the recess of the Senate

-Recommend to their consideration such measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient

We think that the president's most important power is that he is the commander and chief of the army and navy when called into service. we think that this is the most important power because, he has the responsibility to manage and protect the security of the United States.

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Five Leadership Traits

1. Trust between the government and the people- trust is important so people will listen to his ideas.

2. Be able to communicate a clear and inspiring vision- this is important so he is able to get his ideas across.

3.The ability to create collaborative tiger teams- This is important because he has to be able to work together well with others.

4. Encourage dynamic conflict resolution- this is important so he is able to resolve conflicts

5. Effective and resolute decision making-this is important because he has to make lots of decisions.

Roles Of The President

Party Leader- is the most powerful official and they manage the party's relationship with the public.

Commander-in-Chief- all military leaders report to and take orders from the president.

Chief Executive- The president decides how the laws of the U.S are to be enforced.

Chief of State- main role is to represent the United States at public events.

Chief Diplomat- you interact with leaders from other nations and the president tells them what they should say.

Chief Legislator- only congress has the actual power to make laws but the president can influence congress in lawmaking.

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Solution To A Current Challenge

1. If I was the president of the United States one way I would reform the affordable healthcare act would be by making healthcare more affordable and making it easier for people to get access to healthcare. Another thing that I would do to help reform the healthcare act would be to help people that were uninsured get health insurance and help those who didn't have good coverage on their insurance get better health insurance for themselves and their families.

2. Gun Control

Who- Maryland residents

What- Gun rights supporters claim the ban violates the second amendment because it applies to firearms that many Maryland residents keep in their homes.

Why- rarely used for self defense

Where- Maryland

When- earlier this year

To resolve this issue they could make strict laws for people to own a gun.

3. I think that the best leadership qualities that a president can have to solve challenges are honesty, communication, and commitment. These are all important because it will influence others to do the same. Also having good leadership qualities will help you to find solutions to issues and challenges.