The Peruvian Revolution

Andrew, Aubrey, Kelton

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Why did it happen?

  • Many revolutions took place in Latin America as a result of Napoleon's reign, enlightenment ideas, and instability in Spain.
  • Lima, Peru was the capitol of Spanish rule during this time, and many Spaniards occupied this country.
  • Peru was the last country in Latin America to remain loyal to Spain, but Jose de San Martin, after leading several successful revolutions, planned to free Peru from Spanish rule as well.

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Important Dates and Events

  • 1818- Peru won Battles of Chacabuco and Maipu
  • July 28, 1821- San Martin captured Lima and declared Peru's independence
  • 1822- Jose de San Martin and Simon Bolivar join forces
  • August 1824- Simon Bolivar won the battle of Junin
  • December 9, 1824- Simon Bolivar defeat Spain at the Battle of Ayacucho



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