The Case of Wayne Williams

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Who he was

Born on May 22, 1958 in Atlanta,Georgia, Wayne Bertram Williams Would have never been expected to be a serial killer. Being raised by two school teachers in the quite neighborhoods of Georgia (Dixie Hills), Williams had very humble beginning.He was a very great student and was even able to attend Georgia State University for a year before dropping out. After, Williams worked a freelance photographer, living a seemingly normal life. At one point, Williams decided to become a talent scout but unfortunately he wasn't really good at it. One of his hobbies was taking pictures of crime scenes and selling them to local newspapers, which was made easier by listening to his police scanner. But at the age of 22, something inside of him snapped and he committed his first murder.

Cases involved in

Wayne Williams was first arrested and charged for murdering two adult men (Nathaniel Cater and Jimmy Payne). Later, it was thought that Williams may have been the killer African American boys and girls that were killed during the Atlanta Child murders. Some of the evidence that the police were able to collect are: Fiber threads (yellowish green) on some of the bodies that seemed to come from a common source, and bore strands that seemed to have come from what seemed to be from a dog. The fibers found are a very important part of any case, but fiber evidence had yet to play a part in case involving such a large number of victims. Another difference between this case and most other cases was that this case was very publicized.


Born: 27-May-1958
Birthplace: Atlanta, Ga

Gender: Male
Race or Ethnicity: Black
Occupation: Criminal, Freelance photographer

Nationality: United States
Executive summary: Atlanta child murders

The investigation of evidence

As stated before some of the bodies had been found with the presence of a yellow green nylon fiber. The yellowish-green nylon fibers similar to each other in appearance and the properties and were thought to have originated from the same source. Though there were many other similarities that could link the murders together, the fiber source was unknown. The investigation hoped to find the source and that would lead them to the killer of both the children and the older victims. Said fibers were then sent to a lab, and were found to have an unusual cross stitch thought to have originated from a carpet and thought to be unique. After the body of Nathaniel Carter was found in the river with traces of the fiber in his hair and Wayne Williams was questioned and later his home searched, it was later concluded that the a green carpet in Williams home and the dog hair found matched the fibers and hair found at the scene.

Some of the victims


West Point Pepperell Corporation had played a major part in the investigation of Wayne Williams. The investigation team had concluded that the company had manufactured a similar line of carpet that Wayne Williams owned in his home that matched the fibers on some of the victims. They also came to the conclusion that rugs that West point Pepperell corporation had sold that were similar to Williams were only sold for a one year period, meaning that the rug was even more unique. Had it been a more popular type of carpeting, it would have been hard for the defense team to say that Williams was the killer, seeing as a larger population could have owned the carpet. Using probability, the team of investigators was able to conclude that only 1 chance in 7,792 homes would have the exact same carpet as Williams, meaning that it was very unlikely for some else to have had that type of carpet. The prosecution team was able to use all of this information in court against Williams.