Character traits

Responsible (Gender)

The way Didi speaks to Gogo shows that he is always watching out for him, such as when they talk about him sleeping in the ditch, he asks if he was beaten up at all. Even though they are both males Didi goes above Gogo.

Demanding (Religion)

Didi is very demanding when he is talking about something. Such as when Gogo thought the willow was a bush, he stuck to what he knew until Gogo finally agreed. Also he told him that they were gonna stay there and wait for Godot, the whole time Gogo did not want to stay. When it comes to Didi speaking about the bible, he makes a point that everyone believes that because that is the only version they know. When Gogo doesn't agree with that, Didi continues to push the point.


Vladimir is unsure about what he wants to know, or think. When it comes to Gogo telling the story about englishman, he gets extremely upset over the thought of it. Also he is unsure about the feeling of hearing about dreams.