Welcome to Millerton

Small town Big heart! (1960)

It all starts with family

Nana >( My momś mother)Harriet Mercer has money,strict, voices opinions often very important in town,a perfectionist.

Papa (My momś father) Hayden mercer A lawyer and is a quiet a strong man, important in Millerton

Mom >Dorothy owen born into money,caring,loves her family, independent.

Dad> Johnathan Owen Artist Free spirited,fix things. Not born into money,hard working,always doing something interesting

Uncle Adam>Adam Mercer Shy,has some mental issues,caring,trusting,daring

Uncle Hayden> out going, privileged,older brother of my mom and uncle.

Around Town you will meet.

Mr. Shucard (runs the meat Wagon)

Mrs.Moore (Librarian)

The McGruders (neighbors)

Mr and Mrs Finch ( Run the movie theater)

Mr Hulit (owns a fine shoe store)

Miss. Conroy ( runs a store called Stuff ´n´ nonsense).

Jack ( The good humor truck guy)

Miss Julian ( The first woman police officer in Millerton)

Mrs. Winterbotham (Runs Clayton Yarn shop)

My house the boarding house.

My parents own a boarding house where we live. its kind of cool and the people who stay there are...


cookie real name Raye Bennett,happy, cheerful.

Toby cleans the boarding house he is helpful.


Miss Hagerty a older lady ,makes clothes for me sometimes,calls me dearie

Mr Penny use to run a clock shop.

Angel Valentine shes absolutely wonderful,well liked and dresses well, works in a bank,beautiful.

The Mercers aka nana and papa

Nana. very opinionated, mother of 3, wealthy lives in one of the biggest houses in Millerton, throws dinner parties often,comes over a few times but rather have us come over to her house. Dresses well.

Papa doesn´t really say much,often offers his daughter money,father of three,married for many years a very important lawyer.
They have cooks and maids and a chauffeur Charles.

The 1960ś Rocked!!

Events around town in July

How to Cope with Death Advice

  • Face your feelings it helps
  • Express your feelings in a direct way.
  • Look after your bodies health
  • Don´t let anyone tell you how to feel only you know how you feel
  • Play ahead for things that might make you sadder
  • For me it was rough i met my uncle just the summer he died.