Your Magnetic Story

Learn how to turn Your Magnetic Story into your Dream Job

Want to LIVE your Dream?

You’re a writer, you've got great talent your doing everything RIGHT so where are all of the job opportunities? What’s WRONG?

You need to Become a Story Pioneer: Embracing Business Storytelling as the New Way of Communicating.

What makes a story meaningful, what makes it magnetic and memorable? It is here that you will take the steps toward structuring your story and experiencing great clarity, confidence and enthusiasm.

As you take these steps, keep in mind that you the different strands of your story are coming together and that you are just steps away from translating your message into a rich, captivating story that will become Your Magnetic Story that will develop as your "Dream Job."

Sign up for Libby's Writer's Workshop in order to get the A,B,C's on how to create Your Magnetic Story, in order to open the door to your unlimited potential. She'll teach you the secret on how to craft your story in order to open all doors for you to be financially filled with endless opportunities.

Monday Morning June 22

9:00am -12:00pm
@Libbys Home in Jerusalem
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Learn how to do what you do best and live your Dream.