Principal's Corner #4

August 30, 2019

Our staff can really ROAR

  • To Kristina Layman, Darren Dennstedt, Heidi Burris and Ann Litschewski for showing their support by attending our GT parent information night. I means a lot.
  • To Sarah Campbell and Kameron Riley for all their work and commitment to helping organize our GT parent information night.
  • To Melissa Adler for helping with our interview process for crossing guard and para-educator.

From Katie Johnson

  • To Chris Koerber for coming into my classroom each day ready to work and willing to support ALL of my students! Thanks for always showing up with a positive attitude, a sense of humor, and the eagerness to learn something new every single day!!

From Tiffany Steinmetz

  • To Kristina Layman for being there for a good laugh during our first few weeks as new 5th grade teachers!
  • To Pinki, Darren, Ann, and Kristina, thanks for helping me transition to a classroom teacher. I appreciate all of the help!!

From Amy Bainbridge

  • To Caroline Garey for your continued patience with a very challenging student. I am here to support you as we try and make his transition to first grade a positive one. Please use me as a reward system if that helps make a difference.


Literacy from Lois

IRLA “Things”

· Some of the cold reads that are in the IRLA Framework are not in School Pace. This is a copyright issue. Remember that you can use any text on the level you are administering the cold read. It can be a text in School Pace or a text from the same level basket.

· Remember to save anything you type. When you type in “evidence” click the blue save evidence button. When you type in “student response” click on add student response. Everything else saves automatically.

· There are many questions, district wide, around the text levels that are available in classrooms. If you have students reading above the level of the baskets in your room, remember that books at the white level and above are easily accessible through classroom and school libraries. Sharing baskets is an option. Also use the “Hook Book” section under IRLA resources. There are some higher-level texts with appropriate content for our elementary readers listed there.

· Phonics-the IRLA Framework provides many resources. Beginning on page 319, there are phonics cards for 1B-2R levels. These are designed to assist teachers as they conference with students, suggesting a logical sequence for phonics skills acquisition. Page 325 begins the Word Family Practice. This is a huge resource to assist teachers in order to provide instruction for students who are learning vowel word families.

· If you see “resources” (pictured below) you can click and it will take you to games, activities, etc. to support your student’s power goal in that level.

· In School Pace there is not a designated spot in the running records (2R and below) to record omissions and insertions. If this is a consistent problem and it affects a student’s comprehension of the text, make note of it in the student response section.

· We will have some “Next Steps” professional development soon. This will focus on power goals, grouping students and progress monitoring.

· If you click on Status of the Class in the gray area on the left side of the page, it will display your class by independent levels. If you have set power goals, the goals will show up there as well. This is a great resource as you begin to build your reading groups.

· School Pace will keep a running total of tricky words, power words, etc. Students do not need to read the entire list of words-there is an entry requirement “minimum number” listed at the top of the page.

· Please know there are no errors made on School Pace that can’t be amended. Everyone is doing such a wonderful job with this new assessment!

Big picture
Big picture

SpEd Collaboration Day

Special Education collaboration meetings have been established to encourage and facilitate meaningful conversations that improve student level outcomes and to share a common commitment that students with a disability are college, career, and community ready.

Sped Collaboration Dates- 9/16, 11/18, 1/27, and 4/13 in the Main Office Conference Room

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Wednesday, September 4: Picture Day

Friday, September 6: Run 4 FundS during Specials - Wear your Run4Fund$ shirts

Tuesday, September 10: Katie out all day - ADCO/Feeder Meeting

Wednesday, September 11: Principal Advisory Committee

Thursday, September 12: Sister Schools, 12:30-3:00, Guiding Coalition Meeting Canceled

Friday, September 13: Katie out all day (after the PTO meeting)

Monday, September 16: Katie out all day - UIP Training

Wednesday, September 18: CCHS Spirit Bus, 1:30, PM Assembly Schedule

Wednesday, September 18: Staff Meeting

Thursday, September 19: Safety/PBIS Meeting

Friday, September 20: Katie out all day - EPC

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