The Gulf War

How did it affect life in the 1990's?

What Really Happened?

We went to war because Saddam had agreed to not invade Kuwait. Latter on about 2 years after he signed a treaty he invaded. He invaded killing many. Then the United states came in and took Kuwait over. But this all started Because Saddam had said that The people of Kuwait had been stealing oil from a mutual oil field. My father said that Saddam was a crazy man. On November 29, 1990, the U.N. Security Council authorized the use of “all necessary means” of force against Iraq if it did not withdraw from Kuwait by the following January 15. By January, the coalition forces prepared to face off against Iraq numbered some 750,000, including 540,000 U.S. personnel and smaller forces from Britain, France, Germany, the Soviet Union, Japan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, among other nations.. By mid-February, the coalition forces had shifted the focus of their air attacks toward Iraqi ground forces in Kuwait and southern Iraq. A massive allied ground offensive, Operation Desert Sabre, was launched on February 24, with troops heading from northeastern Saudi Arabia into Kuwait and southern Iraq. Over the next four days, coalition forces encircled and defeated the Iraqis and liberated Kuwait. At the same time, U.S. forces stormed into Iraq some 120 miles west of Kuwait, attacking Iraq’s armored reserves from the rear.

How did the soldiers feel when they were in combat?

Soldiers point of view

When I talked to my Father I gathered some interesting information. My father said when he was a marine in this war he sat on his aircraft carrier for over 4 months waiting for Saddam to invade Kuwait. He said that his ship sat right in the bay toward Hussein could see him and he could see Saddam. This showed that as soon as he wanted to make a move into Kuwait the Marines would be ready to defend Kuwait.
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Baby Boom?

Many people did not know this but right after the soldiers got home from war in 1991 There was another baby boom which was the highest population growth up until the year of 2000. That is 9 years having the highest population growth.
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So how did this affect the 1990's?

This War affected the 1990's By Raiding the population quit a bit for 9 years. It also Made it clear to other countries that we still are able to fight showing that the U.S is still dominant. This also showed that we will still fight with our allies because without our allies we might not have been able to come out on top in this war. So if we as the us lost this war we could still be under control of muslim leaders and might only fight holy wars(Jihad Wars).

By Dalton Ingrassia