The Changing World

The world is big enough for two

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married women

women that were married used to be legally dead in the eyes of the law. when women got married the husband had all legal power over their wives. The husband's power when as far as he could imprison and beat his wife and still have complete immunity. There was really no way out for women either because of how divorces were. The husband was always favored over the wife. If they couple getting divorced had children child custody also favored the man, so if he didn't want the children he could make the wife take them and if he did want the children he could take them and not let his wife see them.
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jobs and education

when have been looked down upon for many years. Society has looked at women as the lesser gender. For example, women used to only get paid a fraction of men earned even though they had the same exact job. Women also hardly had as many job options as men. Women weren't allowed to to enter the professions of medicine and law, and even if they wanted to get into one of those professions they wouldn't have the education. They wouldn't be able to get as much education as men because colleges and university's wouldn't accept them as students.

Major Events Timeline

1913- A congressional union is formed to work towards the right for women to vote.

1919- The federal Women Suffrage amendment is passe by the House of Representatives and the Senate.

1920- The 19th amendment is made to the Constitution granting women the right to vote.

1963- Congress passes the Equal Pay Act, which made it illegal to pay women less then men when they have the same job.

1968- sex-segregated help wanted ads in the newspaper become illegal.

1969- California becomes the first state to adopt a "no fault" divorce, which means couples can divorce by mutual consent.

1970- Employers can no longer change the title of women at their job to pay them less

1985- every state adopts a similar law to the "no fault" law

1994- The violence against women act tightens federal penalties

Famous Women Fighting

Hillary Clinton is a perfect example of a women's rights activists because is really to change how women are treated all over the world. Hillary says "human rights are women's rights and women's rights are human rights". Hillary fights for equal pay for women because men are currently making more then men. Hilary also believes that women need a paid leave from work. The United States is the only developed country without payed leave. She says women usually go back to work within ten days of having a baby because they need the money.
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Martin Luther King Jr.

There has been a lot of discrimination throughout the world. There has been raciest and sexiest discriminating against other genders and races, but there has been people who fight against it to make everyone equal. For example, Martin Luther King Jr. has fought for equality throughout America, but he did it peacefully. He changed the world from the 1950's to 1968, which was when he was murdered. He organized many things like boycotts and marches. One of his famous boycotts was the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Martin Luther King did so much that he even received a Nobel Prize in 1964 and got his own American holiday

Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks is basically the female version of Martin Luther King Jr. She believed in equality between races and fought against discrimination. One of the things that she was most popular for was refusing to get out of her seat on a bus so that a white man could sit there. She sat there until policemen came and arrested her. Her act caused the Montgomery Bus Boycott and basically started the beginning of the modern civil rights movement.

21st century desrimination

A great example of discrimination is McDonalds being sued for racism against 15 African American employees because they were all fires in one day because of a large number of white employees hired in March. The employees claim that when they asked why they were getting fired, the franchise owner Michael Simon told them "they didn't fit the profile"

descrimination around the world

Discrimination doesn't just occur in the United States of America, it also occurs around the world. For example, a 24 year old girl named Zhou Yuxia studied in the Unite States for school, but when she came back to Beijing she had trouble getting a job. It wasn't that she wasn't qualified for the job, it was just because she wasn't a man. She said one of the examples was that she found a perfect job for her, but she couldn't get it because one of the qualifications was must be male
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Connection to Make Lemonade

Make Lemonade has one great example of discrimination against women. The example is when Jolly lost her job for unfair reasons. She got fired because her boss sexually harassed her in a closet, but instead of letting him she stabbed her with a pencil. Later she randomly got fired, but it was obviously because she didn't let him and stabbed him with a pencil

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