Little Klein

by: Anna Ylvisaker

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Little klein

Little Klein is about a boy named Klein. He is the smallest of all his family. No one pays him any attention because no one takes him serious. He is always getting in trouble, doing bad things just to get attention. While he is in the woods, having fun whistling he finds a dog that has come to his whistling. He decides to take the dog home, but his mom does not want to keep it because his dad is allergic to dogs. They keep the dog until their dad arrivals bad from his job. Little Klein and LeRoy go on a lot of adventures together. Their dad arrivals home, Little Klein and his parents are eating while his brother try to hide the dog from their dad. Little Klein tells his dad, he gets mad and tells them they can't keep the dog, but he gets in a fight with mother Klein and she wins. They keep the dog and together little Klein and LeRoy go on lots of adventures and have a lot of fun together.

I can relate Little Klein to me. I was the smallest of my family before, people didn't pay attention to me or take me serious just like Little klein. He reminds me a lot of me when i was a little kid. I use to love going out with my dog, go into the woods or just walk around my neighborhood. I use to be the small and weak one too. My dad use to make me workout because i was so weak.

This is a really good book i think any person who buys or checks out this book will like it. I would recommend this book to any one who likes adventure. People who are the smallest of their family. People who like dogs and going on adventures with them.

Interview with Author Anne Ylvisaker