how to build a kite


My Kite Blueprint

 at first i had planned on makeing a bermuda kite but, me and my friend camry made a dimond kite. we decided to make a dimond kite because it was more simple and alot of fun.

imagine it! build it! fly it!

kite history

china was the first country to use 1899 the wright brothers used kites to test there therios for the first airplane.benjamin franklin was the famous inventor that tesed to see if lighting was electrical current in nature. now we use them for fun. back in the day they used to battle with kites. 

Measurements of my Kite

Word problem #1

In 1820, George Pocock connected several large kites to a carriage and pulled it from Southampton to London. Since road taxes were based on the number of horses used to pull a carriage, he was able to avoid any taxes! The 60 mile trip took two hours. Modern kite buggies now go twice as fast but seldom go as far. How fast was the carriage moving? ANSWER: 120 mph


Under the direction of Harry Osborne, the Edmonds Community College kite team kept a parafoil in the air from August 21 to August 29, 1982. Their 180 hour, 17 minute flight created a world record for duration flying. If there we eight members of the team, and each took three hour shifts watching the kite, how many shifts would each team member be responsible for? ANSWER:each will work for approximently 7.5 shifts


is fun flying kites and when you make your own