How to Take Care of Happy Xu

For the Residents of the Tseng Household

Thank You

Thank you for agreeing to take care of Happy for a few days! We really appreciate it. This is very close to having a dog of your own! Happy is very crazy, therefore you might want to read the paragraphs so that things won't get out of hand! Good Luck! :)


Feed Happy once in the morning, and once at about 5-6:30 PM. He needs about 2/3 cup of doggy kibble, and no more for each meal. If Happy's water bowl is empty, please fill it up. Try not to bother him while he's eating - you can still pet him though. Also, remember to pick up objects on the floor that might choke him and that are not foods. (Beads, Legos, water bottle caps... etc.) The trash cans that you throw food into MUST HAVE LIDS! Adding on, try not to leave Happy unattended when food's on the table... it means trouble. Give Happy a piece of a treat when he does something good!!!

There are a few foods that dogs can't and shouldn't eat. Here's a list of them:


*Grapes and raisins

*Raw dough w/yeast

*Onions, garlic, chives...

*Turkey bones


*Macadamia nuts




*Medicines (for humans)

*Don't feed Happy fatty foods from the table. Otherwise, you can sneak a tiny piece of human food to give to Happy!


If you're not at home, make sure to put Happy in his pen. There's going to be a bed for him to sleep on and a pee pee pad just in case. There's also going to food and water bowls. If you're in the mood to take Happy somewhere outside, be sure that the place allows dogs. We will bring his favorite chair to rest in. So, if you're doing your homework or working, set the chair by your side and enjoy petting him!


By business I mean peeing and pooping. In the morning either after breakfast or when you wake up, Happy need to go pee (and usually poop too). You should bring him out to poop about 1-3 times a day, and go pee about every 2 1/2 hours. Put the harness on Happy and hook the leash to it. No need to bring Happy to do his business at night when everyone's sleeping. According to my mom, Happy goes poop about 1 hour after each meal, and maybe in the morning too. You may use gloves to pick up his poop. Adding on, since Happy needs exercise, a walk around to neighborhood once or twice will do.

Happy's Temperments

Whew! The bathroom talk is over! ;) Now, let's talk about Happy himself. First off, he is crazy! Happy loves attention and love. Sometimes, if you stop petting him for 2 seconds, he'll paw your arm to let you know that he wants more attention. He may also bark. Be careful when he jumps on you - he might jump on you because he wants you to play with him - his nails can get long. Other than that, you will fall in love with Happy instantly. This doggy is super playful! If he gets annoying yell "BAD DOG" at him. To finish it off - the best pun of the century - Happy is very happy! Enjoy the time with Happy Xu!!!