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Back to School


Monday, Aug. 22nd, 9am to Tuesday, Aug. 23rd, 3pm

6101 North Ramsey Road

Coeur d'Alene, ID

Monday, August 22, 2022 from 9am-12pm & 1pm-3pm

ALL STUDENT Check-In for last names A thru L

Tuesday, August 23, 2022 from 9am-12pm & 1pm-3pm

ALL STUDENT Check-In for last names M thru Z

Students will be able to take their yearbook picture and receive their student ID card; verify that the student will be attending LCHS this year (if they have not already done so online. If completing this in-person a parent/legal guardian must be present); checkout a chromebook; pay optional fees and complete any schedule changes if needed with their counselor.

PLEASE NOTE: Hallways will be closed at this time. Out of respect for our maintenance staff, please remain in the designated check-in areas only.


  • Complete verification online
  • Pay optional fees online


If you are unable to attend your check-in date please be sure that you:

  • Have completed the online verification (which lets us know that your student will be attending LCHS)
  • Pay any optional fees online (yearbook, ASB etc.)
  • There WILL be a picture day after school starts on September 7th for those unable to make it to check-in.
  • That's it! You're all set to begin school on September 6th!

Download the flyer below for a map of this event!


If you have a student that was enrolled in the CDA School District last school year, please verify that they will be returning to school in September. You will do this by logging into your Skyward Family Access account and completing the Online Verification process for each of your students.

Why it's important: Online Verification allows you to confirm that your student will be attending LCHS this Fall and that all information listed in Skyward for each student is accurate and up to date. This includes health information, family contact information, and emergency contacts.

This also will allow you to skip this line/station at our Back to School Check-In

Log into your Skyward Family Access account now to begin the process: https://skyward.cdaschools.org/

If you are having technical difficulties, please visit https://www.cdaschools.org/verify

Online Verification will close on Friday, August 26.

Lake City High School Freshman/New Student Orientation and Tours

Tuesday, Aug. 30th, 5:30pm

6101 North Ramsey Road

Coeur d'Alene, ID

Tuesday, August 30th

5:30 pm-6:15 pm Orientation in Gymnasium (Parents and Students Encouraged)

6:15 pm-7:00 pm Building Tours (led by our LCHS student council leaders)

Important Upcoming Dates

  • August 21st - Class Schedules available to view in Skyward
  • August 22nd - Student Check-In for ALL Students with last names A thru L
  • August 23rd - Student Check-In for ALL Students with last names M thru Z
  • August 30th - Freshman/New Student Orientation 5:30pm-6:15pm followed by student-led tours
  • September 6th - First Day of School
  • September 7th - Picture Day for those not able to attend Back to School Student Check-In
  • September 9th - Freshman Orientation
  • September 12th - Board Meeting 5pm
  • September 15th - Open House 4:00pm-7:00pm
  • September 23rd - Class Meetings
  • September 26th-30th - Homecoming Week
  • September 30th - Homecoming Football Game @ LCHS Football Stadium 7pm
  • October 1st - Homecoming Dance @ LCHS Commons 7pm-10pm
  • October 3rd - Picture Retake Day
  • October 7th - No School
  • October 15th - Cruizin’ for Kids Fundraiser @ The Coeur d’Alene Inn

LCHS Counseling Office

Schedules will go live on Skyward August 21st

Schedule changes are the 22nd and 23rd during your student check in the counseling office. It is a first come first serve basis and we ask for patience. If you have any specific questions regarding scheduling, please reach out to the appropriate counseling staff member.

Donna Ventresco (Counseling Secretary) dventresco@cdaschools.org

Katalina Chacon (Class of 2026) kchacon@cdaschools.org

Taylor Kirschenmann (Class of 2026) taylor.kirschenmann@cdaschools.org

McKenzie Harsin (Class of 2025) mckenzie.harsin@cdaschools.org

Heather Gillis (Class of 2024) hgillis@cdaschools.org

Andrea Duchow (Class of 2023) aduchow@cdaschools.org

Lauren Georgius (College and Career Coordinator) lgeorgius@cdaschools.org

2022 School Supplies

School supplies for students are NOT required. Teachers will let students know the first week of school of any suggested materials needed on an individual basis. Please have students show up on the first day with their (charged) chromebook and something to write on.

Below is a list of requested donations that you are welcome to drop off in our main office during the first week of school. Always appreciated but never required!

Big picture

LCHS Timberwolves Booster Club Membership

Attention T-Wolf fans!!! Becoming an LCHS Timberwolves Booster Club member has never been SO EASY!!! We are NOW ONLINE!!

Visit www.lakecityboosters.com & create your account TODAY!!

Buy your booster club membership & you are all set! You will receive your gate pass for all home games directly to your phone!! No paper pass required!


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Attendance and Discipline:

From Attendance and Discipline:

Verification of Compliance:

It is an exciting time of year when students start looking into getting their driver's license. In order to get a driver's permit, according to Idaho code 49-303A, a student must satisfy relevant attendance requirements. This means the student needs to obtain a VOC (Verification of Compliance) from their school. If a student does not meet the district policy for attendance, we will not issue a VOC. Our district policy states that students must be in attendance 90% of the time. Please contact Holly Morgan at hmorgan@cdaschools.org to inquire about your VOC.

Dress Code:

We remind students and parents of our dress code policy. Please remind your students of our dress code as listed below:

Expectations for Dress (Board Policy 3255)

The school is responsible for ensuring that student dress is conducive to a positive and respectful environment for all students. Student attire impacts the teaching and learning environment. All students are required to dress in a manner that promotes a safe and healthy school environment, and is not disruptive or distracting to the educational climate and process. Student attire that is acceptable for some social settings may not be acceptable for the educational environment of school.

Dress Code Highlights


  • Must have shoulder straps on at least 2 1/2 inches.

  • No halter tops, strapless tops, spaghetti straps, or bare shoulder tops.

  • Shirts and blouses should not expose any portion of the waist, hips, midriff, or breast when worn normally or with arms raised to shoulder level.

  • Low cut, see through, backless or tube tops are not appropriate for school. Undergarments should not be visible.


  • Must be longer than mid-thigh length from the bottom of the knee.

  • No undergarments should be visible.


When a student is on school premises regardless of reason, students are prohibited from wearing or carrying, clothing, accessories or jewelry, or displaying piercings or tattoos, which, by picture, symbol, or word, depict or allude to any of the following:

  • Wearing clothing which reveals a student’s breasts, abdomen, undergarments or buttocks.

  • Drug usage, including alcohol and tobacco;

  • Controlled substances of any kind;

  • Drug paraphernalia;

  • Gangs;

  • Violence;

  • Sexually explicit, lewd, indecent, or offensive material; or

  • Illegal acts.

Regarding the “Expectations for Dress,” not every deviation from the established “rule” would be possible to list. Therefore, “modesty” and “appropriateness” also serve as our guide when applying this policy.

Have a great spring!