JaDasia Turner

Art Student

My Art Work !

What I`ve Learned so far ....

Over the last two six weeks i`ve learned a ton ! Basically we covered line , form , and value of art . We learned the two different types of lines , expressive and contour lines . And for shape we studied organic and geometric shapes . And to make sure we knew the concepts we did a sculpture with a group of classmates over shape and form . While doing our projects we studied the artists Henri Matisse and Peter Matisse . Not too long ago we did a project over Dia de los Muertos or the day of the day . So we drew a sugar scull and decorated with different designs and zintangles and some of our drawings went to the Tyler Museum of Art . Our latest mini project was we got a small card and drew a piece of an alligator , then we put all of our pieces together and made one big masterpiece with our other 8th grade class period .
Day of the Dead in Mexico or Dia de los Muertos - YouTube
Henri Matisse: The Cut-Outs