Iditarod Then and Now

By Essence & Jenna

The Iditarod Race Then (1925)

  • The Iditarod trail was used for dogs to deliver medical supplies to Nome during the Diphtheria event. The Iditarod Race celebrates this event.
  • Iditarod trail was used to deliver mail by sled-dogs (Mail Trail)
  • The Iditarod trail was used for transportation, but after World War II there were better ways to travel (by the 1970s hardly anybody used dog-sleds).
  • In 1998 European Poodles were used to race. (By the 1970s dog-sleds were not used anymore.
  • In 1953 The Red Lantern Award was given to the last place team.

What The Sled-Dogs Wore

Earlier in history, dogs wore leather harnesses, attached to fan hitch. People also used to use wooden sleds to race.

The Iditarod Race Now

  • Iditarod race takes place to celebrate the rescue of the Diphtheria sickness event in 1925.
  • Today only Siberian Huskies and Alaskan Malamutes are allowed to race in the Iditarod race.
  • Dogs wear coats and blankets and special booties to protect their feet.

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