"I-It's on the tip of my tongue!"

Kindall Brijalba & Lauren Perez

Why We Chose This

We chose to do Presque Vu because this strange phenomenon has happened to us for as long as we could remember. This occurs often thought the week for us or even sometimes a couple of times a day!

The Brain

The "tip of the tongue" can occur with people who have brain conditions such as epilepsy, and effects the nerves in the left hemisphere where the language system lies.

Research & Psychologist

The tip of the tongue phenomenon was first described in William James' The Principles of Psychology as a psychological phenomenon. This is a strong feeling that you are going to experience in an epiphany. The feeling of Presque Vu can be very distracting or disorienting. Sigmund Freud also discussed the unconscious impulses that might cause us to forget unfamiliar words. Roger Brown and David McNeill did the first empirical research on Presque Vu in 1966 which was undertaken by Harvard.

What Occurs

Presque Vu is a sensation of remembering words, definition,and involvement in a sentence but not remembering the word itself... "Whats that word..."

Interesting Stuff!

Technically anyone who knows a language at any age, 3-120, can experience Presque Vu.