Safety Data Sheet

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Element Name: Joshium

Atomic Mass: 129 lb

Symbol: JD

Discoverers: Becky & Ronnie Dubose

Occurrence: Highly concentrated deposits located in his house, being with family and friends. Low deposits in playing video games.

Physical Properties

1. Surface is fair, blue eyes, brown hair, and freckles.

2. Boils when surrounded by hate.

3. Melts when complimented.

4. Can cause laughter and happiness when in a good mood

5. Specimens can be found in various states:

- Sad when disrespected by other people

- Happy when in a positive environment

- Angry when yelled at for no reason

6. Becomes stubborn and unyielding when stuff doesn't turn out the way he wanted

Chemical Properties

1. Is repelled by disrespectful people and by people who don't listen.

2. Is attracted to good attitudes, hard-workers, and confident people.

3. May explode spontaneously if angered.

4. Requires copious amounts of food and money.

5. Is inert if relaxing on the couch, or hanging out by the pool.

6. Is impervious to people it doesn't like