By: Sritha Sridhar


Do you know where Uranus is located?Do you know who discovered Uranus?Do you even konw how it looks like and how many rings it has?Uranus was discoverd in 1781 by by William Herschel.Uranus was the first planet ever discoverd.In 1783 the first elleptical orbit was predicted for Uranus.In1787 Uranus two moons where first discovered.1977 Uranus rings where discovered


Uranus is a blue green color.That represent methane and hydogen helium.Uranus is an ice giant and a gas giant.80% or more is made up of a fluid mix of water, methane, and ammonia ices.


Unlike Earth Uranus has 27 moons.The first 2 moons where discovered in 1787.The moons where named after the characters of William Shakespear and Alexander Pope.5 of Uranus moons are large the rest are small.Ariel is the brightest moon for Uranus.
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Uranus is way diffrent from the other planets of the solar system.Uranus is tilted so far that Uranus is mainly orbits the sun on its side.This is caused due to Uranus is sized body after it was formed.
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Long Long Time

Do you like time to go slow or fast?Well if you are on Uranus time goes so fast but the years go slow.A day on Uranus is 18 hours long than Earth.A year in Uranus is 84 times longer that means that there are 43000 days in a year.


Uranus is the 7th planet from our sun.It is in the middle of Saturn and Neptune.Uranus is 108 million kilometers away from the sun.Along way away.Uranus ways twice as much as Earth.


Uranus is namesd after Aquarius the God of the sky and the heavens .