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December 2019/ January 2020 Edition

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Happy Holidays from IDES

From our Leaders to yours, we hope that you have a happy and safe holiday season.
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Leader in Me

Students are diving head first into personal WIGs (Wildly Important Goals)! All students should have a personal WIG they are working toward until Christmas break. Students are working closely with their teachers to track their progress, and modify/adjust their strategies. Ask your child what their personal goal is and help them track their progress at home!

Students will start working on academic WIGs after the winter break concludes.

Examples of personal goals:

I will say "please" and "thank you" without being asked by December 20th.

I will be able to jog for 10 minutes by December 20th.

I will be able to keep my room clean without being asked by December 20th.

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November in Review...

The month of November was full of engaging learning opportunities for our leaders. Our kindergarten students learned about the first Thanksgiving and performed a special play for parents. Our fifth grade students visited Winthrop University for a college tour. They were able to learn about college life through a presentation provided by the Admissions office, a step show presented by the National Panhellenic Council, and lunch in Thomson Cafeteria. Dr. Cook, our Superintendent, took time to visit our school and learn more about the leadership opportunities offered here. Our friends at Rock Hill High School stopped by to read and mentor students. The Girls Basketball Team, along with Coach Kenny Orr, will be stopping by periodically to share with our leaders throughout the year. The members of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. surprised teachers with Krispy Kreme doughnuts and read to several classes as well. Finally, Charlotte Valk, a first grader, was our school's Fire Safety Winner for 2019. We are so proud of her!
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Focus Five's #1 Priority- Safety and Security

Safety continues to be our #1 priority here at IDES! In November, all students participated in a tornado and fire drill. All studentS performed brilliantly during the drills. During the month of December, we will conduct our monthly mandated fire drill. We are so appreciative of Officer Roberts and the expertise he brings to these types of safety drills. If you have any safety suggestions for the exterior of the building (ie. Signs, cones, etc) please email Mr. Hamm at

SAFETY REMINDER: Please drive slowly in the car loop and keep all cell phones stored safely away while your car is in motion. During morning and afternoon car rider dismissal, please make sure to be close enough to the curb as our safety patrol members are not allowed to step into the road. As the leading elementary safe school in the district, we are always looking for ways to strengthen our procedures to ensure that all Patriots are safe and secure while here at school.

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Oh What Fun it is to ... READ!

Here is a list of great winter book titles you can read with your children over the long winter months. The York County Library is a great place to go and check out these books.
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Winter Break Reading Challenge

Beginning December 20, 2019 (the first day of our Winter Break), all of our students are invited to participate in our Holiday Reading Challenge. The challenge will conclude on Tuesday January 7, 2020 (the last day of our break). Here’s how it works:

• Students will keep track of their reading minutes on a reading log. We will provide one page for you but if you need more space, feel free to continue on another piece of paper. You can also download and print the reading log (see link below).

• Students will turn in their completed reading logs to the Media Center no later than Wednesday, January 8, 2020.

• We’ll be creating a digital scrapbook of our challenge. Email your pictures to Check our Facebook page and website ( to see what other students are reading!


• The class in each grade level that records the most reading minutes will receive a hot chocolate and cookie party.

(Idea adapted from Kenwood Elementary School)

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Character Counts


A person who has the ability to empathize with others will be able to effectively communicate with them. Empathy allows us to predict what others may be thinking and feeling and then to react to those feelings appropriately. A person with empathy is a better leader, employee and friend.


- Actively listens while others are speaking

- Focuses on surroundings (notices the body language, facial expressions, and tone of voice of the people around them)

- Refrains from judgement (instead, finds ways to connect to the persona and looks deeper for ways to understand them)

Ways to help your child


Helping your child understand his feelings will better enable him to recognize those feelings in others. Naming your child’s feelings can be a helpful strategy. You can say something like, “I know you’re probably feeling disappointed that we couldn’t go to the movies today. I am sad too.” Naming your own feelings for your child is important as well. Then, model the appropriate way to respond to those feelings.


Whenever possible, name other people’s feelings for your child. Discuss situations in TV shows or movies where a character needs empathy from the other characters. Talk about how that character must feel, and how you know they are feeling a certain way. (ex: I see she’s feeling sad because she has tears in her eyes and she is looking down at the floor.)


Model empathy for your child by going out of your way to care for others. Reach out to others when they are having a difficult time. Consider volunteering with your child. Lastly, help your child see the importance of caring for others by asking, “How were you kind to someone today?”


Most children are able to care about their immediate family and close friends, but it’s important that we help them extend those caring feelings beyond the people closest to them. Encourage your child to look for children who are vulnerable or alone on the playground. Discuss how they may be feeling and what your child could do to help.

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News from our PTA

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Holiday Shop

Holiday Shop will be next week- December 9-12 from 8-12. Your child's teacher will give you specific dates. Budget envelopes and information are coming home this week.
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Attractions Coupon Books

Attractions orders/books are due this Friday, 12/6. Please send in the envelope with all orders and the sample book by 12/6 and your child can wear PJ's on Monday. If you opted not to participate in the fundraiser, please return the sample coupon book.

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Volunteers Needed

Join us for our meeting on 12/10 at 5:30. We need some volunteers- can you help?

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Upcoming Events


10- SIC at 9 am and PTA at 5:30 pm

11- Ned Show 1-1:45

12- School Spelling Bee

13- First Grade Field Trip 9:45 am to the Children’s Theatre of Charlotte

17- PBIS Celebration at W.U. - Bag Lunches

19- Holiday dinner for 1,3,5- Bag lunches k,2,4

20- Winter Holiday Concert 9 am featuring 2nd and 3rd graders/Half Day for Students

Last Day of first semester

23 Winter Holidays Begin


6- Teacher PD Day

7-Teacher Workday

8- Students Return

10- College Day

14- PTA and SIC

17- Tribe Day

20- Dr. Martin Luther King’s Holiday

24- Terrific Kids and Beta Club Induction at 1 pm Ceremony

Dress to Impress Day

Social Media

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Reading Log for Winter Break Reading Challenge