George Washington

By: Bryan Garcia

His life

Dob: February 22,1732

Pob: His families plantation on pope's creek in Westmoreland county in the colony of Virginia.

Death: December 14,1799


George Washington faced a lot of challenges that he conquered maybe alone but he did. After the revolution America was in huge debt so he solved that by making a secretary of treasury.The revolution itself was a challenge for him.He had to lead a entire nation into a seemingly impossible war. He's faced these challenges and still went on, there is one reason I idol him.

Accomplishments and contributions

George Washington was a major person accomplishing many things in his life.He played a major role in the American revolution.He served two presidential terms in his life time before retiring.Finally he lead an entire nation into war and winning it win the odds were stacked against them.

Five fun facts

1~He was unanimously elected both terms.

2~Was widely known as the best horseman in the colonies.

3~He was appointed to command the continental army at age 44.

4~He made the 2 term presidency tradition.

5~He did not wear wig as people believe today.


In conclusion George Washington is a excellent example of a good person. I gave you reasons why I admire him I hope you don't think I did him to get it done with because i didn't. Washington is a perfect example of a American,Loyal to the country and does anything for it.Those are my reason to choose him as my idol.