Girl Scout Troop 2205

October 10, 2015

Recap of October 8th Meeting

At our last meeting, the girls started making a list of the things that they would like to do with the money they've earned, both for fun and for service projects, more on this below. They also made invitations to their upcoming Investiture/Re-Dedication ceremony/celebration. They used the recycled paper they made at our meeting on Sept 10th as the backing to their invitations. They turned out really cute.

Next Troop Meeting

Thursday, Oct. 22nd, 5:30pm

500 West Platt Street

Tampa, FL

We will be meeting in the Wesley Center, Rm 301. The building is usually unlocked, but just in case, the code is 8261*. As we have lots to cover before we need to setup for our ceremony, it is imperative that your daughter be in the room promptly at 5:30pm. Please have them wear a white shirt and khaki bottoms (shorts, skirts, skorts, pants are all fine), as well as their vests with their green tab (this should be a banner shaped piece of material with a flower-looking blue and gold pin on it that pins to the left shoulder of the vest).

As a reminder, the girls need to be signed in and out of the meetings.

Also, the meeting dues are $1.00 and your daughter should have done something special to earn that dollar (been extra kind to a sibling, offered to help you with something, did their chores with a smile, etc.). Let me know if you need to know her balance.

Investiture and Re-Dedication Ceremony

Every year the girls make a promise to carry out the principles and values set forth in the Girl Scout Law and Promise. This is done in an Investiture ceremony for girls new to Girl Scouting and a Re-Dedication ceremony for girls who have been a Girl Scout for at least one year. We will be celebrating both ceremonies this year at our next meeting, Thursday, OCT 22.

ATTIRE: Girls need to wear a white shirt and khaki/tan bottoms and their vest. Please make sure the green tab pin is also attached. Call me if you are not sure what this is.

The girls are now old enough to celebrate with a Candle Ceremony. This is a Girl Scout tradition that supposedly goes back to the beginning of Girl Scouts. You each should have received an invitation from your daughter to this ceremony. Siblings are welcome.

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Sounds like the girls are off and running with this. Most told me that they have met or even surpassed the Troop goal for the nuts/candies. Way to go!

We still have one more week of sales. Final day is next Monday, 19 October. I will need your daughter's form on Tuesday, 20 October. If I'm not home, just drop in my mailbox. I have to have everything entered into the system by midnight on the 20th. I also need the white copy of the permission form.

As we continue our Energy Journey

The girls are still developing a Team Energy Pledge. This pledge is to help them think of ways to not only conserve energy, but to use energy more efficiently. Please have your daughter look at the first 19 pages of her book, skipping page 13 (sounds like a lot, but there are lots of pictures). This will help them be better prepared to create their energy pledge.
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When: OCT 22, 7:30 am to 7:50am

Where: Gorrie Elementary School

We'll be helping the 5th grade Juniors collect donated Halloween costumes from Gorrie students as they are dropped off at school. Please remember to have your daughter wear her vest.


WHEN: Saturday, NOV 14 10am to 2 pm

WHERE: USF Botanical Gardens

The girls will complete 4 of the 5 requirements for this badge under the expert guidance of the USF botanists.


When: Saturday, JAN 16, 10:30 am to 12:30 pm

Where: GS Leadership Center, Tampa

The girls will complete 4 of the 5 requirements for this badge.

Please Mark Your Calendar

Below is a listing of the dates for meetings and field trips. Meetings will generally be held on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month from 5:30 until 7:00 PM. Changes have *.

OCT 22 - Halloween Costume pickup at Gorrie

Oct 22 - Troop Meeting, Investiture/Rededication Ceremony(6:30)

Oct 24 - GS Fest

Nov 12 - Troop Meeting

Nov 14 - Budding Botantist

* Thursday, Nov 19 - Troop Meeting (moved due to Thanksgiving Holiday)

Dec 10 - Troop Meeting

* Thursday, Dec 17 - Troop Meeting, Court of Awards (moved due to Winter Break)

Jan 16 - Junior Artist

Feb 5-7- Sunny Palms (our service unit) Encampment at Dorothy Thomas Campsite

Please note the two Ceremony nights. Parents and family members will be invited back around 6:30 to participate.

Troop Co-Leader

Sydney Cowles