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Spring/Summer 2019

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Summer Time!

Dear Colgan High School CFPA Families,

WOW!!! Its has been an incredible year! The 2018-2019 school year has drawn to a close. There are no words that can articulate the remarkable work that the CFPA students have accomplished with the support of their families, teachers, staff and the CFPA volunteers! Please be sure to read the section on the accomplishments of the CFPA Boosters year-to-date. It is fantastic to know, in two short years, the success that has been achieved is due to the collaboration and cooperation of so many.

The new CFPA Boosters Executive Board has some exciting plans for the 2019-2020 school year. The first event for the 2019-2020 School Year will be the CFPA Annual Picnic on Saturday, August 24th at Colgan High School. The theme will be "Olympics." Be sure to save the date! More information will be posted on the CFPA Booster website and CFPA Booster Facebook page.

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to serve as the President of the Colgan High School Center for Fine and Performing Arts (CFPA) Council/Boosters organization. I am in AWE of the commitment, dedication, and pure synergy that exists at Colgan. THANK YOU and remember...

"The level of our success is limited only by our imagination and no act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted.” – Aesop quotes

Thank you for your time, dedication, and support!


Anaid Mikesh

CFPA Booster President

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2019 CFPA Boosters Accomplishments

The CFPA Boosters started in 2017 as the CFPA Council of parent/guardian, staff, and student volunteers with the vision to be a collaborative community that advocates unity, support and opportunities for CFPA students.

In two years, the CFPA Council became the CFPA Boosters, which has raised over $25,000 to support CFPA students and the Colgan High School Center for Fine and Performing Arts programs.

It is phenomenal to see the power of collaboration and what can be accomplished for the betterment of all. Here are some of the accomplishments of the CFPA Boosters:

  • The CFPA Boosters have a CFPA Student Council Representative that serves on the CFPA Booster Executive Board to ensure student involvement, advocacy, unity and opportunities for ALL CFPA students.
  • The CFPA Boosters have provided five (5) post-secondary scholarships to deserving students pursuing a career in the Fine and Performing Arts totaling $2500.
  • The CFPA Boosters have provided scholarships and funding for CFPA program field trips and master classes.
  • The CFPA Boosters have promoted collaboration and unity among the CFPA concentrations by: hosting monthly meetings to share information about CFPA and encourage involvement; hosted the annual CFPA picnic; hosted a Back to School Night Information table; participated in the 9th grade Orientation and hosted an information table; volunteered during the CFPA Auditions and hosted an information table; hosted the annual CFPA Student Banquet & Senior Recognition; and recruited liaisons for five of the nine concentrations. The goal is to have a liaisons from all concentrations to foster collaboration and support for all concentrations.
  • The CFPA Boosters have provided financial support to students and the school by: funding upgrades to the Colgan High School Amphitheater; supplementing the cost of the CFPA Graduation Stoles; covering the cost of choir robes totaling $1500; and paying for choir music.
  • The CFPA Boosters provided volunteers, snack donations, and support for the school musical and Fine Arts Gala & Senior Showcase.
  • The CFPA raised funds through membership, with over 100 members; business sponsorship; sales froml concessions at non-Colgan High School Dance Competitions; established PayPal and AMAZON Smile accounts; spirit gear sales; and the annual White House Ornament Sales.
  • The CFPA have sponsored an annual "CFPA Spirit Wear" Design Contest to promote student involvement.
  • The CFPA Boosters have collaborated with the CTE department to have some of the spirit gear created at the school and promote the skills and talent of the students in the CTE department.

Thank you to all the CFPA members, business sponsors, volunteers, students, Colgan Staff and the CFPA Executive Board Officers & Coordinators!

2019 CFPA Boosters Scholarship Awardees

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2019 CFPA Boosters Scholarship Awardees - Drew Koelsch

The CFPA Boosters proudly awarded three Outstanding Senior Scholarships at Senior Awards night on May 22nd. McAllister Reed of the Vocal concentration exemplified the intensity of spirit and academic perseverance we looked for in an awardee. She is currently weighing her options and we look forward to what her future holds. Sydney Rubin, a student in the Theatre concentration, will be attending Christopher Newport University in the fall where she will pursue a Theatre degree with a concentration in Acting Performance. Nicholas Villacourte, another Theatre student, was our final awardee. Nicholas will be attending Shenandoah University to master his craft in performing arts.

We are extremely proud of our three awardees. The CFPA Booster wish them, and all our recently graduated seniors, the very best as they move on from Colgan Senior High. The Colgan family will always be here to provide guidance and support as they continue their journey.

Fine Arts Gala & Senior Showcase - Vicki Burns

Each year, Creative Writing and Visual Arts students are required to hold individual showcases of their artistic accomplishments. This year a Fine Arts Gala was added to showcase the talents of all the Visual arts students here at Colgan High School. It was a grand event and well attended. The CFPA Boosters volunteered their time and food making this an even grander event. Seniors were on hand to discuss their art productions and written productions reflecting the outstanding talents of these graduating students. Students processed under an archway of Colgan colored balloons as their names were individually announced by this year’s MC, Robbie Moser. Students enjoyed sharing their experiences with their parents and friends. Underclassmen served appetizers to all who attended.

1st Annual Fine Arts Gala & Senior Showcase

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2019-2020 CFPA Booster Officers

On May 15, 2019, voting took place for the new 2019-2020 CFPA Booster Executive Board Officers. We are excited to announce the new CFPA Booster Executive Board:

President: Jeanmarie Copeland

Vice-President: Jane Zatkowsky

Treasurer: Deb Nash

Secretary: Robin Robertson

Public Relations: Kelly Goff

CONGRATULATIONS to the new board!

THANK YOU to Kate Downes, who served as Treasurer, and Drew Koelsch, who served as the Scholarship Committee Coordinator. Both served on the CFPA Boosters for two years. Your leadership and support are greatly appreciated!

Thank you for those that attended the May meeting.

The new board has exciting plans for the the next school year. Please be sure to check the CFPA Booster website and Facebook page to find out the latest news!

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The Annual CFPA Booster Picnic - Rebecca Shields

Please be sure to "save-the-date" on Saturday, August 24, 2019. This is the date for the CFPA Booster picnic. The theme will be "Olympics." There will be more information shared, so be sure to check the CFPA Booster website and Facebook page. We look forward to seeing you!
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CFPA Booster Website

Colgan CFPA Booster Bylaws

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CFPA Membership - Amy Jo Rotante

We had 100 members strong during the 2018-2019. We hope to increase our memebrship this year to help with the plans for the 2019-2020 school year. We would like to provide additional financial support to increase the amount of money awarded for post secondary senior scholarships, increase funds to recruit a celeberty guest to provide a master class, provide additonal financial support to reduce the cost of the CFPA graduation stoles, and help with addtional amphitheater upgrades.

Your membership helps to cover these types of initatives. We were able to raise over $12000 in membership and business sponsorships this year. We hope to increase that this year!

We are super excited and hoping to draw more families to join the group. The 2019-2020 Membership Form is available. You can download the membership form by clicking on the link below and send it in.

If you know new students and families that will joining our Colgan Family, please be sure to encourge them to visit the CFPA Boosters website to see how they can become members!

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Support the CFPA!

If you would like to support the CFPA, you can donate by going to our website and click on "Donate." You can make a donation through our PAYPAL account or join our AMAZON Smile account. When you make purchase through AMAZON and have CFPA listed as your doanting organization, a portion of your purchase will be donated to CFPA Booster!

The funds raised will help support:

  • CFPA Master Classes
  • CFPA sponsored school field trips
  • CFPA Post-Secondary Senior Scholarships
  • CFPA Field Trip Scholarships
  • CFPA Annual Picnic
  • CFPA Annual Student Banquet
  • CFPA Fine Arts and Senior Showcase Gala
  • Colgan High School Amphitheater upgrades
  • CFPA Student Council Activities & Events
  • AND MORE...

We apprecaite your support!

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CFPA Booster Business Sponsor

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Colgan CFPA Booster


The vision of the CFPA Booster is to be a collaborative community that advocates for unity, support and opportunities for CFPA students.


The mission of the CFPA Booster is to financially and logistically support - in a balanced and inclusive fashion - all CFPA concentrations, and the students who participate in them, in accordance with the Prince William County Schools’ policies and procedures.

The objectives of the CFPA Booster:

1. create and nurture connections across all CFPA concentrations

2. increase engagement in CFPA program events and activities by forming strong community and business partnerships

3. advocate for financial support for students enrolled in the CFPA program

4. provide scholarship and/or opportunities for students enrolled in the CFPA program pursuing a future in the fine and performing arts or other post-secondary plans.