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The Herreros fortified gateway

This gateway is an example of a typical defensive device of a medieval fortresses.

The hoels where the door would be bolted shut in medieval times are still visible.

The terrain in this área dic not make a natural defence so for this reason sections were built quite high, about 15m, and further protected by an artificial moat.

Tirso de Molina Cultural Centre

The Tirso de Molina Cultural Centre, located in the Square of he Elms, was originally a palace dating from the 15th and 16th century. Nowadays it is a Public Library and Music School, with screening romos,, meeting facilities, and various others. Many cultural activities, entertainment, workshoops, exhibitions , symposiums and conferences arw help for the public to enjoy.

This cultural center is open every day of the year except on public holidays.

Church of San Pedro

The Church of San Pedro is a building of ample proportions as it is the result of a merger in 1696 of the medieval parishes of San Pedro-San Pablo and San Adrés in an attept to survive in times of great poverty.

When the two parishes merged the priests agreed that the one who lived longest would name the church. The church is called San Pedro because the priest who lived longest was the priest of that Parish.

In the church there is aa sculture of ST. Patrick.

The church os San Miguel

The church of San Miguel Was named a national monument in 1931.