kitchen saftey

it's easy to be kitchen safe

kitchen rules

The safety rules in the kitchen.1. when craying something hot say sckittles 2. hold the handle of the knife and the knife facing you 3. wash your hands before cooking 4.dont go into the kitchen without a teacher 5. dont run in the kitchen 6. have all your equipment

what to bring and wear in the kitchen

you must wear the correct uniform when cooking. You will need your hat, your hair tied up, closed shoes, an aprin, cuts need to bet covered, bring a container to put food in, bring a towel and oven mits

what to do in the kichen

cooking is fun !

kitchen fun

when baking something you need to be sure to follow the repice and the teachers instructions like when turning to oven on you must put it to the right tempture when its time to finish up make sure you have washed and dried then put away all the things you used and make sure your spot is clean

kitchen saftey

to be safe in the kitchen all you need to do is to follow the easy steps to stay safe in the kitchen