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Hedden Forward Together!


I must say that the past few school days have been a whirlwind of energy, excitement, and learning for both staff and students. It's hard to believe that just a few months ago we were in a hybrid format for two-thirds of our students with the rest being remote. Getting back to full time learning with everyone here and new protocols has certainly given us lots of opportunity to grow.

To that end though, I want to extend my appreciation for your support and patience as we continue to refine and speed up our processes for parent pick-up, drop-off, and busing. While things have gotten much better we will continue to partner with you and the transportation department to try and continue our improvements while also ensuring that we account for the safety protocols.

At the top of this message you'll see our motto for this year, which is "Hedden Forward Together!". As we came up with this simple three word motto we were trying to capture the idea that Hedden, as a whole learning community, will work together to help move our students learning forward. You've done a great job already with this partnership. To help foster this partnership you'll see a few sections with more information below, some is informative and some asking for your continued support as we adapt to schooling in a pandemic. Please take a close look and reach out if you have questions.

Below you'll also find that we have contracted with a new vendor for our Hedden Spirit Wear. The webstore will only be open for one more week, until 9/17, with items delivered several weeks later. With the new vendor came new gear, lower prices, and our actual Hedden logo. Take a look when you get a chance.


Kind regards,

Mr. Sims

Hedden Elementary Principal

P.S. Don't forget that all Mondays when we have school will be Late Start Monday (LSM). All Fife Schools will open one hour later. Hedden will open doors at 10:05 on Mondays with the tardy bell at 10:20.

^:^ ^:^ ^:^ Picture Day Is Coming!! ^:^ ^:^ ^:^

Picture day is back! Students will be getting their pictures taken on Tuesday the 14th. Class Act photographers will out with their crew to snap real live photos. They will of course follow all required protocols to ensure student and staff safety.


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^~^ Masks for School Use ^ ~ ^

Students have been doing a good job overall with wearing masks which cover their mouths and noses throughout the day. Recently we have had a number of students come to school with gaiter style face coverings which do not meet state and district guidelines if they are single layer. Please ensure that your student is coming to school with one of the approved masks as shown above.

If needed, we will provide surgical style masks for students, just let us know. If students do wear single layer gaiters, bandanas, or other coverings that do not meet the guidelines then they will be asked to switch to one listed above or they will be provided with a surgical mask by school staff.

Thank you for your continued support as we work to adapt school to meet these safety guidelines. Our goal with these guidelines is to keep students, staff, and families safe while continuing to offer full-time schooling to all. Please see district guidelines copied below.


  • All school personnel, volunteers, visitors, and students must wear cloth face coverings, or an acceptable alternative (e.g., surgical mask or clear face shield with a drape), at school when indoors. Staff who are verified to be fully vaccinated may be indoors without masks when students are not present or expected to be present. (See DOH Guidelines)

  • Cloth coverings will be provided to staff and students. Individuals can bring their own masks if they meet CDC guidelines.

  • Cloth coverings are preferred over shields as they offer more protection to both students and staff.

  • Other PPE will be provided for higher risk classes such as surgical masks, face shields, KN95 masks, etc.

  • Visitors/vendors/parents/guardians must wear cloth coverings to enter the front office or main building.

  • Masks are required on all buses and transportation vehicles.

We are happy to provide students masks if needed.

Here is our district safety guidelines.

-=-=-= Student Drop Off & Pick Up =-=-=-

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Our process for drop off and pick will continue to be the same as last year in order to mitigate the impacts of potential COVID-19 transmission. Hedden staff will be posted both outside and throughout the halls and will happily help students get where they need to be.

Morning Drop Off, 9:05 to 9:20

1. Pull to the most forward area in the fire lane along the sidewalk

2. Before exiting the vehicle, students should have bags ready & masks on

3. 3rd & 4th grade students will use the Main Office Entry

5. 5th grade students & those eating BREAKFAST will use the Gymnasium Entry

6. Parents and family should stay in their vehicle, sorry but no walking to the class

7. Staff and students only are allowed in the buildings at this time

8. Parents and families need to remain in their vehicles

Afternoon Pick Up, 3:30 to 3:35

1. Post your placard/hanger (get one at Open House) on your rearview mirror to help match students to vehicles.

2. Pull to the most forward area in the fire lane along the sidewalk

3. Wait in the vehicle while your student(s) is called from the gym

4. Students should be able to enter the vehicle from the right side

5. Parents & families need to remain in their vehicle

6. Students will not be able to cross the parking lot as in past years

7. Parents and families need to remain in their vehicles

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Upcoming Events & Dates

Monday, September 13th

  • First Late Start Monday
  • School starts 1 hour late EVERY MONDAY
  • Doors open at 10:05

Tuesday, September 14th

  • Picture Day
  • Please see above for more information

Monday, September 20th

  • Second Late Start Monday
  • School Starts 1 hour late EVERY MONDAY
  • Doors open at 10:05

Monday, September 20th

Monday, September 27th

  • School Board Meeting
  • 6:00 at SLMS

Wednesday, October 6th

  • Early release at 12:00
  • Teachers will be preparing for fall conferences

Friday, October 8th

  • Teachers will be working on Professional Development

Wednesday, October 13th to Friday, October 15th

  • Student Lead Conferences all three days
  • Students must participate in their conference
  • Students will not attend school these three days, except for their conference
  • PTA will be running a Book Fair this year! Thanks to Ms. Abbott;-)