Grade 1 BMS

Biweekly Update

Bundesweiter Vorlesetag - German Read Aloud - November 20th: 2-3 p.m.

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Unit of Inquiry Content - How We Express Ourselves

- Symbols

- Features of celebrations and traditions

- Reasons celebrations take place

- Parent guest speakers -sharing their expertise about celebrations (Many thanks from the grade 1 team!)

Language Content

- Introduction of phase 3 sounds & high frequency words

- Guided reading

- Writing about personal events

- Writing between the lines

Math Content

- Decomposing and composing numbers to 10

- Ordering and comparing numbers

- Addition and subtraction strategies

- Patterns

- Time: days of week, months of year, calendars

- Data: Tally marks, bar graphs and pictographs

German Content

- Learning about the story of St.Martin

- Introducing letter and sound E/e

- Using different strategies to memorize reading and writing our "Kopfwörter"

Ways To Help At Home

- Revise phase 2 sounds and high frequency words

- Letter formation

- Recognise, order and compare numbers to 20

- Practice saying the days and months in order

Helpful Information and Reminders

Field Trip: December 10th, from 9:00-11:00 a.m. - Galli Theatre - Christmas stories to compliment our unit focus

Assembly: Assembly is held every Tuesday morning. Students are to stay in their outside shoes until after the assembly. We leave for assembly at 8:30am. If you arrive late, please direct your child to the sports hall.


- Students are to take a reader home each night and return it again the next day (unless they are still reading the story). The students also have the opportunity to use Razkids to practice reading.

- Mathletics is an online program that allows the students to practice their Maths skills at home.

- German homework is handed out every Thursday and it is to be returned by the following Wednesday.

- Every now and then the students will receive homework related to the Units of Inquiry and we will use this information in the classroom. The due date for these homework tasks will always be found on the homework pieces. It is a great help if all of the students return their homework by the due dates so that we can begin using the homework information during planned classroom activities.

- 1st grade students are expected to do 10 minutes of homework a night. This may mean that they do not read their reader every night, depending on other homework tasks the students have.

Library times:

Library takes place every 2 weeks on a Friday

1c and 1d this week

1a and 1b next week

Students are welcome to bring their books back earlier and keep them in the class library bin for safe keeping.

Clothing: Please practice tying shoe laces with your child. The children should only wear shoes with laces if they can independently tie them. Please also provide weather appropriate clothing.

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BMS Home Language Program

"We have begun a Home Language program at BMS that takes place every second Tuesday. A flyer is attached with more information about the purpose of the program and how you can help.