Teen Depression

11% of teens suffer depression before the age of 18

What is Depression?

A period in someone's life where they're constantly feeling sad.

"Major depressive disorder is caused by a combination of brain chemistry, family history, distorted thinking, and emotional environment."

When you are depressed, you are constantly feeling like you are unwanted or don't fit in with the people who surround you.

Depression can be very hard to get over and depending on the person, it may take weeks or months. Sometimes people may take longer to get over certain symptoms of depression.

Life Events

An event that has occurred in a person's life can cause them to become depressed. "The death of a family member, friend, or pet can go beyond normal grief and sometimes lead to depression." Sometimes when parents divorce or the family is having difficulties, there is an effect on those family members. Moving to a new neighborhood/state or changing schools can cause someone to have depression. they have to remake new friends and it can be nerve racking to be around so many new faces.


The society today often focuses on how people look. Many people tend to judge others on their body shape, size, and how they look. "Teenagers tend to compare themselves with the ‘thin ideal’ that is often seen in many magazines and television." This tends to cause depression because everybody wants to have the ideal body.


Nowadays many children/teens are abused whether its physical, sexual, or mental abuse. Teenagers often get sexually abused. Another factor of depression is bullying. Many children get bullied online or physically.

How To Prevent Depression

  • Don't take on too much. you could end up stressed
  • Surround yourself with positive people in a positive environment
  • Stay healthy and exercise regularly
  • Therapy
  • Stay connected and hang out with friends. It could take your mind off of everything else
A Public Service Announcement: Depression