Come To Texas

Ben Kisel

Do you have a debt, then come down to Texas and watch your debt dissapear


If you are to come into Texas and live within the Mexican Territory you must do the following

*First you must obey and follow all the laws that have been made by the government

*Second you must become a loyal Mexican citizen

*Third you must be a Catholic citizen

Land Policy

These are the following land policies

*Farmers will get 177 acres of land

*Cattle Ranchers will get 4428 acres of land


These are the costs are our land

*One acre cost 12.5 cents

*That could be paid throughout several years

*U.S. Land cost 1.25 cents to buy an acre

Land In Texas

These characteristics will make you want to move to Texas

*Beautiful rolling prairies

*Low cost land

*Mild climate great for agriculture

*lots of trees

*Lots of land for cattle to graze