Aileen Wuornos

Birth: Feb. 28, 1956 in Rochester, Michigan, United States


Her mother was Diane Wuornos Pratt and her father was Leo Pittman. They married when they were 15 and had 2 children. They divorced within 2 years. The 2nd child, Aileen, was born a few months after the divorce. Pittman was a sociopath and a child molester. He was in and out of prisons and mental facilities. He was strangled in prison in 1969. Her mother, Diane, unable to handle her children, abandoned them. Lauri and Britta Wuornos then adopted and raised them.


She had one brother named Keith. Him and Aileen both became wards of the court.

Childhood Events

In 1971, she gave birth to her 1st son, who was given up for adoption, in a home for unwed mothers. She was 14 years old.


She dropped out of high school after having her 1st son.

Adult Life

After her brother and adopted father died she moved to Florida. She was briefly married to a man named Lewis Fell and their marriage was annulled. She drifted place to place in Florida and supported herself through small crimes, theft, and prostitution. In 1981, she spent 13 months in prison for armed robbery of a convenience store. After that, she met Tyria Moore in a gay bar in Daytona Beach. She became her inseparable partner for 4 years.


She was a prostitute.

Crimes and Victims

5 other men were reported missing between May 31 and November 19, 1990. 4 bodies were found in Northern and Central Florida. The bodies were bullet-ridden.


She was arrested January 6, 1991 on an old traffic warrant. There were no witnesses and no murder weapon so police didn't charge her with murder.


Tyria Moore was located to convince Aileen to confess. January 16th she confessed to killing 6 people and claimed self defense. She said they all tried to rape/assault her. She denied killing Peter Siems.


She was convicted for 1st degree murder and later confessed to 5 more counts of 1st degree murder. In 2000, she was sentenced to death row. In 2001, she asked to be executed and end further appeals.


January 30, the judge ordered Wuornos to be "electrocuted until you are dead and may god have mercy on your soul." She was executed October 9, 2002 by lethal injection. Her last meal was 1 cup of coffee.

By : Hannah Hicks