La Salle Leadership This Week

February 16, 2021

A Message From Our Leadership Class

Hello Black Knights, another great week has passed with some awesome initiatives happening all through the school. Two initiatives from this week is the Anti-Bullying posters that some of our leadership students are putting together.

"I think it is an awesome way to bring La Salle together," says one of the students Antoine, who has taken on part of the role in helping to create a more kind environment in La Salle. These posters can be found in the boys locker rooms and change rooms in the coming weeks.

The second amazing initiative that is happening is the La Salle Hall Of Fame. It was created with the purpose of recognizing and honouring previous La Salle students, staff, administration, and supporters. These people excelled in their respective fields or coaching/supporting roles and helped to bring honour and excellence to our school. This initiative will truly show how great La Salle is.

Big picture

Valentine's Day at La Salle

Valentine's Day was this weekend and La Salle Leadership was excited to celebrate it as a whole school.

One way that the holiday was celebrated was with candy grams to every single person at La Salle, this meant over 800 Hershey kisses were distributed throughout the day on Friday from our dedicated students of the leadership class.

A second way was through our 'Locker Of Love' that was run by another group of leadership students. In order to win a whole assortment of goodies such as La Salle swag, chocolate and a new soccer and rugby ball, students had to guess the right amount of jelly beans in a jar.

What was the total amount of jelly beans? 460, with the winning guess going to one of our grade 12 students Ethan.

Covid-19 Update

Kingston is now considered a Green zone! However, this does not mean students can change what they have been doing in school, they are still asked to wear masks at all times and to only be in groups of five or less.

What's Happening In The Art Department

Ms. Rymal's photography class is hard at work this week working on all types of photography skills. In grade 11 photography, students are experimenting with aperture using toy soldiers and directional light and then working in Adobe Photoshop to add multiple layers of textures to create an apocalyptic battlefield effect.

Long Weekend

Students enjoyed the extra day of the already long weekend. Hope everyone got lots of studying done as we are half way through Block 5 already!

Workout Of The Week

This weeks workout is brought to you by Antoine.

- `10 regular pushups

- 10 wide pushups

- 10 diamond pushups

- 10 pike pushups

As many reps as you want

From one Black Knight to another, see you next week!