Pastries only fit for a Queen...

What is Reines?

Reines is a restaurant dedicated to making pastries that everyone will love. We have been open since 2012 and founded our business with one purpose: show everyone the beauty of French cuisine. With the help of my family, I was able to travel around France and learn pastry recipes that appeal to everyone's sweet tooth. We offer tarts, cakes, macarons, and crepes; along with coffee and other beverages to enjoy. We hope your time here will not only be enticing to your stomach, but open your eyes to the true allure of France.



Tartelettes aux myrtille (5 euros)

- This is a blueberry tart

Tartlettes aux chocolat blanc (6 euros)

- This is a white chocolate tart

Tartelettes aux ananas (5 euros)

- This is a pineapple tart

Tartelettes aux pêche (5 euros)

- This is a peach tart

Tartelettes aux chocolat avec framboise (6 euros)

- This is a chocolate tart with raspberries

Gâteau (7 euros par tranche)

Chocolat gâteau

- This is chocolate cake

Fromage gâteau (fraise et cerise)

- This is cheesecake (it comes in strawberry and cherry)

Petit gâteau (chocolat, fraise, et lemon)

- This is a miniature cake (it comes in chocolate, strawberry, and lemon)

Macarons (2 euros)

Coconut macarons

- This is a coconut macoron

Chocolat blanc macarons

- This is a white chocolate macoron

Cerise macarons

- This is a cherry macaron

Citron macorons

- This is a lemon macaron

Crepes (6 euros)

Caramel Maison

- This is a homemade caramel crepe

Banane et chocolat

- This is a banana and chocolate crepe

Pomme avec chocolat

- This is a apple crepe with chocolate

Poire avec chocolat

- This is a pear crepe with chocolate

Boissons (2 euros)

l'eau (water)

thé (tea)

lait (milk)

café (coffee)

chocolat (hot chocolate)

jus (juice)

limonade (limonade)

Created By: Chloe Jacobs