Monday Minute

October 29, 2018

Some Treats, No Tricks. Promise!

Treat Yourself to a Fun Game!

You know those "Would You Rather Games." This one is especially for teachers. See how you compare to all of the others who have answered it. Have a fun discussion/argument with your colleagues! One question is actually tied 50-50 at this point.
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Many attendees at our 2018 conference enjoyed Katie Powell's sessions, "Lecture Busters" and "Worksheet Busters." I was treated to see them at last week's AMLE conference. But wait--- there's more! Katie is doing a free webinar for AMLE on November 7. You can sign up for a free membership to gain access.

Photo Contest for K-12 Students

The Children of Nature Park is the result of a Bicentennial Project that set aside land (students can even get a deed). They have many resources on their website. They have a photo contest open through December 3, 2018. Students in grades K-12 may enter their own photographs in these categories: 1) Kids in Nature 2) Nature Scenery 3) Nature Closeups. Winning photographs will be part of a photo-collage poster distributed all across the state.
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Media Literacy? Digital Literacy? News Literacy? The terms can be confusing; most put these terms under the umbrella of "media literacy." To prepare for next week, you can use the "official" website; here are some other useful sites that are a mixture of literacies (just the tip of the iceberg!). Also, be sure to check with your librarian for additional resources that may already be incorporated at your school.

Facing History & Ourselves Workshop at the Jewish Federation of Greater Indianapolis

I had already contacted Nina Price from JFGI for permission to publicize this workshop and use the graphic before the unthinkable massacre at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh. Last week, interest in this event was already high, so a google registration form was added, rather than emailing her to register. The registration deadline is November 20. You can also enlarge this graphic via the Candles Museum website.
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Time's Up!

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