Is Mars Inhabitable?

Cassandra Ancira

Can we live on Mars?

Hook- why live on earth when we can live on mars?

Thesis- it is possible to live on mars if we have certain things to take with us.

Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun and is the second smallest planet in the solar system. mars is called the red planet and mars has a thin atmosphere.

What do we need to live on Mars for a year?

If you were to live on mars for 1 year, what would be 10 things you need to bring?

1.Oxygen 2.Water 3.Food 4.A way to land 5.A spacesuit so I could go outside. 6.Tools to collect and analyze samples. 7.Medicine 8.A radio for communicating with Earth. 9.Solar arrays for making power. so imagine living on there for the rest of your lives. you will need so many supplies to survive.

what are some facts?

mars is completely hostile enviromental to human life combining extreme cold with an unbreathable atmosphere and intense radiation.

So many dust storms happen on mars. their really horrible storms.