Darwin's 4 postulates

By: Manuel Alvarez

Heritable Variation

In every species there is heritable variation. This means that there is variations that occurs every new generation. This variations can be something insignificant or can be somethings that gives this new individual a particular edge.

More offsprings than survivers

In every generation more offsprings are produced than the ones that are going to survive. This means that in every generation not all of the offsprings are well eupt to survive. This is the whole idea behind survival fo the fittest.

Not always random

Survival and reproduction do not occur at random. THe individuals that survive are the ones that are better equipped to deal with the environments and threats that the species if fascing. This. in the long run, leads to a specific type of genes to be more prominent in future generations.
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We are all different

Every individual varieties. This means that even though an offspring receives DNA from both it parents it combine in a way that varieties thus every individual is unique. This variations cause that every individual has its own phenotype
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