The Grzeskowiak Gazette

December 18, 2017

Second Grade Happenings

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, and are ready for a fun week together. We have so much going on this week, it is sure to fly by! This week we are focusing on friendship, and being a good citizen. This is the perfect way to wrap up our unit, on lending a hand, and talking about what our responsibilities are to each other. In Second Grade, we like to call this week, Mission Possible: Spreading Kindness to others. Today your child received a secret pal for the week. Each night, (with the exception of Technology Tuesday), your child will bring home an envelope, to complete the mission for their secret pal for the night. All envelopes were handed out today, with the full list of assignments for your little spreader of kindness to complete for the week, and with the name of their secret pal. For tonight's homework, your child will make and decorate a name tag for their secret pal. Please have your child bring in their assignment each day in the envelope, so no one sees who their special friend is! Also, please be sure to take out the paper in the envelope, with your child's secret pals name on it, so you know what the assignment is for each day. On Friday, we have a big reveal, as to who had each friend in the class. This is always a lot of fun, and I cant wait to see what everyone comes up with for their secret pals!

This week is also full of fun things from the staff at Smoky Row! Tomorrow is Beach Day at Smoky Row. Students are encouraged to bring a beach towel, books, and wear beach attire for our special beach day! Friday students are welcome to wear their PJ's to celebrate our last day before break!

I hope all of you have a wonderful, relaxing break. Enjoy your family and friends during this special time of celebration!

Looking to next week..

In Room 5 this week...

Math- This week we will be starting chapter 5- addition and subtraction. Today we learned how to play Beat the Calculator, a fun game where "the brain", tries to beat the calculator when adding addition facts. We also learned about fact Power, and how knowing our facts, makes us faster than a calculator! The rest of this week we will work with money, and adding and subtracting with coins.

Writing- This week we will continue writing our Information Books. Today we started writing chapters for our book, and adding details to our writing. Later this week we will focus on writing introductions that capture the readers attention, and writing strong conclusions.

Reading- As we wrap up Unit 4- Lend a Hand, this week, we turn our focus to Friendship and Citizenship. Our culminating activity described above, is one that students in second grade have enjoyed for many years. We will also learn about synonym, and practice using them in our writing, to make our writing stronger. Our shared reading stories include, Iraqi Children Get Wheelchairs- and Big Smiles, and How You can Water. With so many activities on Friday, we will be taking our end of the unit test on Thursday, along with our spelling test!

Spelling- The following words are our words for this week. Our words will be from 4.4, compound words and abbreviations. The following words are the words for this week:



















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Happenings at SRE....

December 22nd- Winter Convo- 8:30

Class parties- 1:30

December 23rd- January 8th- Winter Break

january 9th- Students return from Winter Break