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Happenings From March 2017

Third Grade Research

Third grade completed their research on forces of nature in March by creating a project on the library iPads to show what they learned. Each student picked one of the forces of nature to base their project on and selected a photo of it using Britannica Images. They learned how to take a screenshot and crop the photo and insert it in either the Skitch or Chatterpix app.

Look Below to Check Out Some Examples of Their Work

Second Grade Research

Second graders went through the Guided Inquiry Model to do research on biographies. They learned about timelines and completed their own timeline in the Immerse Stage. In the Explore Stage, they scanned QR codes to look at various biographies in the PebbleGo database. They each researched one individual and created a bottle person in the likeness of that person.

The students completed research on their person in the library using a book and PebbleGo in the Gather Stage. Their final project was created using the library iPads and the Chatterpix app to have their famous person "talk" about themselves. They did a fantastic job!

Example of a 2nd Grader's Research Project

Abraham Lincoln

Camp Write A Lot

Prior to the STAAR writing test, fourth graders went camping. During the week before they went to six different camp sites to focus on various ways to sharpen their writing skills. In the library, we focused on similes and metaphors. The students learned how using them in their writing can help the reader visualize what they are describing. They then used the library iPads to illustrate different similes and metaphors using the Doodle Buddy app.

Dr. Seuss Day

Our campus celebrated the birthday of Dr. Seuss by dressing up as one of the characters from his books. Throughout the campus you could hear Dr. Seuss stories being read and enjoyed.

Seuss Stations

In addition to the school wide Seuss celebration, the kinder and first grade students tried out different Dr. Seuss themed exploratory station. They practiced their reading skills by doing Red Fish, Blue Fish popcorn word matching, did Dr. Seuss puzzles, learned how to draw various Seuss characters, made a Fox in Socks puppet and used their math skills to roll and color a Seuss photo.

It was Seusstastic!

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Makerspace Club

In March, the Makerspace Club members tried out various stations. They used K'Nex to make critters, the tumble down dominoes to learn about physics, Lego Chain reactions, Snap Circuits Jr. to learn about electronics and the K'Nex Simple Machines. One student exclaimed, "This was the best club day ever!"

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Library Information

  • 1,744 total items checked out.
  • 18 instructional days.
  • Checkouts by grade level: PK-93, K-145, 1st-280, 2nd-574, 3rd-295, 4th-122, 5th-170, Staff & Parents-65.
  • 70 total classes taught. Classes were taught on timelines, biographies, similes, metaphors, sea turtle research, the concept of things in the past.
  • 19 classes came in for check out only.
  • 187 walk-ins. See graph charts below for a breakdown.
  • 13 check outs on Overdrive.

Upcoming events-Kinder Sea Creature Research, 1st Grade Research on Communication, Recreation & Transportation in the Past , Kinder Skype Field Trip to Sea Turtle Hospital, Presenter Julian Franklin.

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